Anker SoundBuds AK-A32630L1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Red)

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Last updated on May 29, 2023 1:07 am
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  • Loud And Clear: Superior sound quality with aptX high-resolution music and CVC noise cancellation technology for clear phone calls
  • Tailored To You: Customizable Ear Tips for the perfect everyday fit and additional Ear Wings to keep your headphones in place during tough workouts
  • Full Power: With 12.5 hours of music time you’ll need to recharge long before your headphones do, A 10-minute charge keeps you going for one hour
  • Brave The Elements: Water-resistant shell with internal hydrophobic nano-coating for ultimate protection against water and sweat
  • 18 months warranty

Specification: Anker SoundBuds AK-A32630L1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Red)


Microphone Form Factor

‎With Microphone

Country of Origin


Remote Control Included


Connector Type


Cable Feature

‎Without Cable

Battery Cell Composition

‎Lithium Ion

Batteries Required


Batteries Included



‎0.46 Volts

Colour Screen



Mounting Hardware

‎Headphones, Multiple Ear Tips (silicone and memory foam), Ear Wings, Cord Management Clip, Shirt Clip, Micro USB cable, PU Leather Carrying Pouch with Aluminium Carabiner

Special Features

‎Noise cancelling

Hardware Platform


Item model number



‎2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions

‎69 x 4.3 x 2.8 cm, 41 Grams

Model Name



Item Weight

‎41 g

12 reviews for Anker SoundBuds AK-A32630L1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Red)

3.4 out of 5
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  1. Miraz

    Quality & great sound with an amazing look!

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  2. Tony Liken

    Great pair of headphones have been my everyday pair for the last 1-2 years now.
    This is actually the second pair I’ve bought because my first set are starting to show some wear and tear, well, I may have tried to clean them to roughly and pulled it apart slightly. That being said they still work but I want a back up pair for when they do give up on life.

    The Pros:
    Battery life. I have only been caught out maybe three times with the battery dying on me. Simply because it lasts for well over 10 hours and even with 2 hours of use a day at the gym or on a run I find an opportunity sometime in the week to give them a charge. They do this annoying little beep to let you know when they are low on battery, probably half an hour or so left at that point, but it’s on pretty well spaced intervals so I don’t mind it’s death throw wails and get on with my business. That being said I do try and hurry so that I’m not left in the middle of a set with silence in my ears.

    They hang on your ears. I have been through a good few headphones that fulfil the requirement of both Bluetooth and can secure themselves on your ears. The requirement to fill is simple. When I am running I do not what to have to be repositioning earphones every 10 minutes. These have both foam and rubber earbud tips to suit your preference, a little on those is the plastic slip our easier when sweating heavily and the foam get dirtier easier. Also you get better sound from the plastic I find. However, these bad boys hold onto my ears with the hooky things, accepting that all ears are different here, so when the buds do eventually slip out they are held nice and close in place and I can still hear my music just fine and they won’t every fully fall out. For me that is the compromise that clinched them for me. They can fall out but as long as they hover in my ear canal I’m a happy sailor.

    Connectivity. I don’t care so much about this as I normally don’t take phone calls in the gym. But I’ll give them props for their microphone and sound quality for calls. I went through a period of listening to podcasts in the car with these and whenever I got a phone call they were an unexpected perfect hands free set.

    I may have broke one earphone by being a little heavy handed while cleaning them and pulled it apart. Still clicks into place but way less secure than the other side. So be gentle. After X hours of use they can potentially become slightly delicate.

    The foam ear bud tips (well tip I had one foam and one plastic…asymmetric ears and best fit) The foam broke off its internal plastic bushing. It had a good life though and was pretty manky at this point. Replaced it with a spare I had from a different set I had. So ya. Foam are comfortable but have a shorter lifespan than the rubber.

    They’re good headphone, respectable price for the amount of usage, wear and tear they suffer and sound quality.

    Some justification for rating.
    Sound quality 4 – There probably is better sound quality. I don’t care so much. I’m not really paying attention to what I’m listening to most of the time. They are good in my opinion but I can’t hold a tune, never mind tell a viola from a violin so I’m not gonna tell anyone what the best or worst of sound quality is.

    Battery life 4 – It’s good. There is stuff advertised that has long. So if max battery life possible is our time go else where. But these boys are honest they say what 12.5 hours? Ya, they do that, can’t attest they do that after 2 years…I could but I want to get the review done in one sitting.

    Working out 5 – They go with me everywhere. Working out, travelling, car journeys.

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    Wrost piece

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  4. AV

    Comes with multiple sizes of the ear plugs so it is just perfect if you want to use it while running without the fear of it dropping.

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  5. Stephen

    Was initially very impressed, but after less than 3 months they no longer charge.

    Anker customer support were a pleasure to deal with. No fuss, simply agreed to send out a replacement.

    Hopefully the previous set were an anomaly.

    Here we are again, the replacements no longer charge. It looks like these devices have a life expectancy of a few months.

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  6. Sushanta

    I was very sceptic about the sound quality. Just ordered the product by viewing the reviews. But after listening to it for the first time I got completely satisfied. ANKER makes really good stuff.

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  7. Rafe Zetter

    These are a fantastic piece of kit. I’ve had multiple pairs of bluetooth earphones ranging from £20 – £70 and these are by far the best. They connect in an instant and there is no messing about restarting apps to get the audio to come through them. The playback time is legit, i use them cycling to and from work 5 days a week, 30 mins round trip. I didn’t have to charge them for 3 weeks and that includes listening at the desk. I use them running at the weekends, they are very comfortable and the only pair of earphones I’ve had that actually stay in my ears. The sound quality is great, nice and clear no sharp high ends and substantial bass.
    The first pair i got didn’t actually stay switched on for some reason. They come with an 18 month warranty, I emailed Anker support and they sent me a new pair next day delivery free of charge. The customer support was excellent. Thoroughly recommend these.

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  8. Ahsanudheen

    I have been using this headset for one year and today I have some problem with one ear. Sometimes one of the ear would not work and I have to adjust it to hear equally. it’s a good selection and good quality. But the thickness of the wire is too small and have high possibility of getting separated. It’s not worth for 3.5k

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  9. Vicky

    I was initially impressed with these – the sound is good, the battery life is as advertised (for a change) and all seemed well until while working out I caught the wire and yanked the right side bud out of my ear.

    The wire stayed in place no problems (which was where I thought it might have broken), but the actual earbud assembly – the speaker – came apart in half. The frame around the ear and the bit that goes inside the ear came apart as it got yanked and one of the wires to the speaker snapped at the solder point.

    I wondered how this was possible and noticed that there is NO ADHESIVE between the 2 parts that form the bit that goes inside the ear. It’s just a basic press fit with 2 little locator lugs, and this is where it broke – half stayed in my ear the other half pulled away and snapped a wire.

    Looking at the other side I was able to get my fingernail in the joint seam and prise it apart easily !!!

    I deliberately chose Anker and paid a bit more more having had 2 previous ones that broke within a couple of months – but after only 6 months use (technically less as I’ve not been to a gym in 6 weeks) – the Anker ones have proven to be just as poorly built as the cheaper versions.

    I’m going to try to RMA them and see what Amazon says.

    Update – Amazon refunded no problems – I bought a different brand with good reviews but….. this other set the microphone is crap….

    Is there ANY set of bluetooth earbuds with good sound AND microphone without paying hundreds????

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  10. Girish Tharur

    After 5 months does not work

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  11. Sushanta

    The earphone is broken just after one month of use. Excellent sound quality for the price. Red is gaudy. Black may be better.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic set of earphones for running. Super comfy and sound quality is great. Battery life is good I can’t see myself running for 12.5 hours!

    For the price you pay for these headphones you go into them with no expectation. They have been fine for my purpose and whilst running and listening to podcast they have been clear to listen too. They definitely give the impression of more expensive brands.

    Currently I am running about 12 miles per week including a 3.1 mile parkrun and they are suitable for those purpose. They are more comfy than the soundbud sport which were just as good but I found I needed something a little bit more supportive.

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    Anker SoundBuds AK-A32630L1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Red)
    Anker SoundBuds AK-A32630L1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Red)


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