Fifine K669B Metal USB Microphone Condenser for Recording on Windows or Windows PC & Laptops, Cardioid Studio for Voice Recording, Input Volume…

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Last updated on October 13, 2022 12:01 am
  • Plug and play USB recording microphone with 5.9 Foot USB Cable included for Computer PC, Laptop or PlayStation that connects directly to USB port for recording music, singing or podcast (Not compatible with Xbox and Mobile Phones)
  • Solid sturdy metal construction design microphone with stable tripod stand makes it convenient when you are doing voice overs or livestreams on YouTube
  • Recording microphone with adjustable volume knob has a louder output and is more sensitive, works well when Gaming, Skyping, Voice recording and on Twitch, YouTube, Cortana, Discord and Voice chat
  • Cardioid polar pattern condenser microphone for computer captures your voice clearly producing smooth and crisp sound without static noise
  • USB-powered design condenser microphone hence no need for any external power supply
  • Great for gamers or streamers at isolating the sounds from the main source and separating them from any background noise
  • Country of Origin: China

Specification: Fifine K669B Metal USB Microphone Condenser for Recording on Windows or Windows PC & Laptops, Cardioid Studio for Voice Recording, Input Volume…

Product Dimensions

‎12.4 x 6.6 x 18.5 cm, 400 Grams

Item model number


Body Material







Hardware Platform


Power Source


Item Weight

‎400 g


Country of Origin


Imported By

‎Origin Marketing Private Limited, 121 Raj Ratna Industrial Estate, Liberty Garden, Malad West, Mumbai 400064

13 reviews for Fifine K669B Metal USB Microphone Condenser for Recording on Windows or Windows PC & Laptops, Cardioid Studio for Voice Recording, Input Volume…

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Shibashis

    If you’re setting up a home studio then this is perfect for you. If you don’t have budget constraint then go ahead and buy 12k+ ones, otherwise if your budget is less than 12k then you can blindly purchase this and save a lot of money.

    This is a really good mic that can actually record musical instruments crisp and clear.
    Noise cancelling is above average but if you’re recording in a closed soundproof room it will work like charm.
    Otherwise you can use any software like Ableton/Audacity to remove unnecessary minor background noises from the recording.

    Highly recommended for singers and musicians.
    I recorded acoustic guitar, electric guitar (connected through Marshall), violin etc.

    Sound quality is really really good.
    Check out few reviews on YouTube, you’ll know if it’s meant for you.

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  2. Skidz

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     solo lo conectas y ya lo puedes usar, lo recomiendo usar al 25% de la ganancia y les dejo una prueba de audio porque no encontré ninguna en amazon

    siempre pueden subir la ganancia si lo utilizan mas lejos, audio

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  3. Saurab Mukherjee

    Dear Amazon,
    I request to please use the best Machine Learning technique to indicate very clearly the make of products. I don’t want to buy Chinese products.
    Coming to the mic, noise cancellation can’t be expected bcz this is a condensor mic. Overall it is okay to have it at the beginning but not a superb mic. Shure mics just rocks!

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  4. Kiranraj.R

    I got this microphone which doesn’t need an Audio Interface, it directly connects to your Laptop or Desktop
    I got this just for travel and scratch recording purposes but shockingly it sounded better than my Scarlett Studio bundle microphones with audio interfaces and better than my Rode nt1a
    now I’m using this as my daily driver and I’ve recorded 3 songs already with this and my clients are extremely satisfied with the output and the vocals have come out clean and the mix is really good and easy

    In love with this mic
    and for 3499 bucks you can never go wrong
    I strongly suggest you to get this mic
    Take my word for it you’ll never regret
    and keep in mind even if you dont like you can return it in 14 days
    so just take my word for it and thank me later

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  5. Sahil bharti

    This product is what u are expecting from it, sound is so good , about noise cancellation u have to fine tune mike volume and sound setting of your computer and thats enough u get good quit noise cancellation , as it is value for money just u have to give it little time to set according to you,
    Sound quality is good (for podcasting )
    Note : i have not yet tested it for vocals but i believe its a value for money mike for cover singer and those who have home studio
    Noise cancellation- is good (you have to set it other wise noise sound is horrible)
    Build quality – best in best full metallic build

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  6. Gabriel Mora

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     En esta reseña tocaré diferentes pros y contras de todo el micrófono.

    1.Entrega: Como tal la entrega del micrófono fue espléndida totalmente llegando 2 días después de realizar el pedido, todo en orden y correctamente protegido.

    2.Contenido: Al abrir el paquete la caja en la que viene el micrófono es rígida, cumpliendo su función de protección, así como tambien la tarjeta de bienvenida y su manual, el cual está especificado al 100%

    3.Instalación: En cuanto a la instalación fue totalmente plug and play, y el montaje del micrófono esmb su tripié con ayuda del manual bastante sencillo.

    4. Calidad: Su acabado en metal hace que luzca con un acabado y sensación bastante premium, así como la calidad de Audio (suele captar el Audio de manera excelente, pero no muy resaltable en agudos y bajos), con la perilla de volumen podemos tener mucho control sobre el audio sin necesidad de configurar el volumen desde Windows

    5.Contras: El hecho de que no contenga filtro antipop o cubierta de espuma lo hace bastante propenso a ser el afectado por el popping, aunque ésto se resolvería comprando el filtro por aparte, otro punto negativo es que el cable USB no es retirable, a pesar de que es largo, no podemos colocar otro o en caso de descompostura no podríamos reemplazar el puro cable USB.

    En aspectos generales un micrófono que vale totalmente la pena, por sus características que ofrece, su calidad y su facilidad de uso, así como compatibilidad.

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  7. Deep Pandey

    I have purchased 2 days ago and used Audacity to record audio but always there is noisy sound coming in the background even if I tried to record in a silent pace that noisy sound coming in the recording.
    Then I tried for video but the same issue was there. I do not recommend anyone. I purchaser due to rating but I must say this is below an average mic. I tried all possible things which mentioned in the manual (provided by seller).
    Problem is once you buy, it is non-refundable, only replacement option is there which is not useful at all.

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  8. Ramanathan

    I am using it to engage Zoom meetings and google meets and teaching online. Earlier I was using the built in mike in my laptop and it was streneous. Now I am more audible to all without any straining. I also use it to record audios and videos and PPTs. Clear voice too. Really worth the price. I am happy I purchased it.

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  9. Sergio Amaral Franco

    Si quieres algo profesional, esto no es para ti.

    La verdad no es un mal producto, tiene un precio accesible y la calidad del audio es aceptable, es fácil de usar, simplemente lo conectas y listo. Lo malo es que no puedes ponerle ningún tipo de filtro de espuma al micrófono para reducir el ruido ambiental porque ni tu voz se escuchará, lo máximo que puedes ponerle es un filtro pop para filtrar tu respiración.

    El lo más barato que hay y funciona, por eso lo compré.

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  10. Mark

    I was skeptical of this mic despite the glowing reviews – even the limited reviews on youtube are good, with most finding that the limitations of the microphone are far fewer than it’s benefit – which, frankly, is it’s price. I picked it up for $24 dollars on a flash sale, but it’s well worth the normal price for how it sounds.

    I picked it up with the Neewer NB-35 Microphone boom arm (which is PERFECT for this microphone, btw and comes with a pop filter!) Less than 50 bucks for a complete usb microphone setup. That alone is pretty great.

    Less than a week after buying this, however, I was at bestbuy for a big sale, and saw that the Blackout edition Blue Yeti was on sale with the ghost recon wildlands game combo for a shocking $75 dollars. So I bought it.

    I’m a singer/songwriter with 20+ years of recording behind me and play PC games and do some streaming and needed a new mic.

    All day I’ve been testing this mic (I have the black Fifine K669B for the record) and the Yeti side by side. The Yeti is larger, feels more premium, and has a mute button, gain control adjusts to louder volume, has 4 different polarity settings for doing podcasts or recording in stereo among other things. But I tested this side by side with the Yeti using the Yeti’s cardioid settings to match the Fifine’s. I adjusted the gain controls to be the same in windows, and slightly higher on the Fifine’s gain knob to match the Yeti so they were as evenly matched as possible.

    I cannot distinguish a large enough difference in the audio (flat recorded in mono with audacity) to truly be able to justify the already discounted price of the Yeti compared side by side with the Fifine.

    Yes, the audio is just that good. I mean, as good as a USB mic is going to be. If you have the extra scratch and need more than one polarity pattern than just right in front of the mic (and the sides) then you cannot go wrong with the Fifine. I was so taken aback after hearing such good things about the yeti, but they both pickup the same background noises, and feel very similar. When positioned about 6″ from the mics with pop filters in place, my voice felt more natural coming from the Fifine, with a bit more clarity perhaps in the Yeti but barely noticable. What bassiness there was (my voice isn’t very bassy) was – to my ears – better on the Fifine. Not like, stupid bassy, but naturally the tone sounded more pleasing. And that’s where this mic will be, about 6″ from my face. It’s small, light, very well made, all-metal, and about 1/4th the size of the Yeti. And the yeti weighs A TON, and has some bizarre irregular threading on the mount part where you need to buy a specific adapter or pray that you get one that the threads like. The Fifine just works. And if something happens to it you just buy another one for 25 bucks and call it a day.

    For professional streamers or people looking for a pro-level mic for doing voice/singing work, neither mic is going to be worth your time, you’re going to want to use an interface and XLR mic/s for that, to get the sound as good as it can be. But if you’re laying down tracks, writing idea songs, playing around, gaming, streaming, chatting with your friends in discord, this mic is an incredible value. I wish it had a mute button, that’s a downer. But you can just turn the gain all the way down.

    I don’t work for Fifine or Neewer, and I really want to like the Yeti, but I’ll probably return it in the morning. It’s a beautiful mic, but not as beautiful as having 50 bucks and something that sounds just as good. (IN CARDIOID MODE that is.) Also the Yeti is bigger, heavier, and takes up more space. I thought for sure when I started testing them that the Yeti was going to blow my mind, but insanely I can NOT tell the difference, or rather, I cannot detect why anyone would believe the Yeti is better sounding.
    I feel that maybe it’s a reputation thing, as with the Beats headphones. Beats aren’t all that good, my daughter has a pair and when I listen to them they’re not bad but sound about as good as a pair of Klipsch I paid 30 bucks for on sale. Same situation here. I think Yeti’s are maybe for people who either need that headphone passthrough, plan to use this for something greater than streaming or talking, and kids who just think they’re good because other kids use them.

    TLDR: Don’t be fooled, trust your ears, and just get this microphone and try it for yourself. You’ve got very little to lose.

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  11. juan esteban

    Una de las cosas que me hacían pensarlo 2 veces antes de comprar el micrófono era que metía un ruido muy muy molesto en las grabaciones pero moviendo le a las configuraciones en OBS para grabar videos en el engranaje donde esta el mezclador mas en concreto en la sección del micrófono hay una opción de Filtros y en esos filtros esta uno que es eliminación de ruido con ese filtro este micrófono luce y brilla, se eliminan todos los ruidos sintéticos y suena muy muy buen.

    Único detalle… Si mete ruidos externos de otras voces, sonidos de celulares y así, por eso recomiendo que lo uses en horas donde estés solo, o con silencio, pero de ahí en fuera 10 de 10 este micro para empezar como principiante hacer videos, gameplays, streams etc…

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  12. Pranjal

    Its Perfect for the price and eliminates the hassle and price for a audio interface ,great for me

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  13. Midhun

    Pros :
    – The build quality of the microphone.
    – Ability to pick up the sound even if you are not too close to it.
    – Extremely easy to set up with Windows 10. No driver installations required.
    – Loved the quality of sound ( When listening through an audio interface – ‘Voicemeter Banana’)
    – The stand allows you to position the mic comfortably

    – You need to process the voice through an audio interface and it takes time to figure that out properly if you are a beginner
    – The microphone stand is not that sturdy and feels flimsy when you mount it (Average build quality)
    – I wish there was a proper box or some sort of a cover to keep the mic safely after use
    – It picks up sound from outside even if my door is closed (Condenser mic) so you need a low noise environment or use a noise gate

    Overall I would definitely recommend this product to a newbie for voiceovers, singing, online classes or even for livestreaming. The only pain point is that you need to learn how to use a digital audio interface to process the sound and sometimes the learning curve is steep.

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    Fifine K669B Metal USB Microphone Condenser for Recording on Windows or Windows PC & Laptops, Cardioid Studio for Voice Recording, Input Volume…
    Fifine K669B Metal USB Microphone Condenser for Recording on Windows or Windows PC & Laptops, Cardioid Studio for Voice Recording, Input Volume…


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