Acer Nitro Vg240Ys 23.8 Inch (60.45 cm) LCD Fhd 1920 X 1080 Pixels Resolution Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, Freesync, 165Hz, 0.5 Ms, Dp, 2 X…

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Last updated on May 17, 2023 12:04 am
  • Full HD: The Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) ensures a sharp and smooth gameplay experience, even at the highest settings
  • 165 Hz refresh rate: The incredible 165 Hz refresh rate means that even when the action heats up, your gameplay will be smooth and lag-free, Visual Response Boost for blur free gaming
  • Integrated AMD FreeSync Premium technology eliminate screen tearing, while minimizing lag and latency and delivers very smooth gaming experiences.
  • Connectivity Options : 2 X HDMI (2.0) 1 X Display (1.2) Ports with Inbox DP Cable I Audio Out I Integrated Stereo Speakers
  • Eye Care with Bluelight Shield, Flickerless, Low Dimming, Acer Vision Care I Acer Display Widget for Easy modification of monitor settings I Different game modes for Better viewing experience
  • Acer zeroframe: The super-slim bezels not only look good, they mean you can use multiple monitors without any annoying thick black lines between them
  • 3 Years on Site warranty

Specification: Acer Nitro Vg240Ys 23.8 Inch (60.45 cm) LCD Fhd 1920 X 1080 Pixels Resolution Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, Freesync, 165Hz, 0.5 Ms, Dp, 2 X…


Item model number


Country of Origin


Included Components

‎Monitor, Stand, Display Cable, Power Cord, User Manual

Are Batteries Included



‎240 Volts

Number of Audio-out Ports


Number of HDMI Ports


Speaker Description

‎Built in Stereo Speakers

Product Dimensions

‎24 x 54 x 41.2 cm, 3.85 Kilograms



‎1920 x 1080 Pixels

Screen Resolution

‎1920 x 1080

Standing screen display size

‎23.8 Inches

Item Width

‎54 Centimeters

Item Height

‎41.2 Centimeters




Item Weight

‎3 kg 850 g

8 reviews for Acer Nitro Vg240Ys 23.8 Inch (60.45 cm) LCD Fhd 1920 X 1080 Pixels Resolution Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, Freesync, 165Hz, 0.5 Ms, Dp, 2 X…

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  1. David Heisnam

    After reading some of the reviews, I was afraid I might have to deal with dead pixels, but luckily I didn’t find a single one. I bought this monitor for two main reasons – 1. For my Xbox Series S and 2. For software development work. The display is great for gaming and media consumption, and the colours are way richer than on my laptop screen. However, for coding, I would prefer at least a QHD/1440p monitor as the text isn’t very sharp on this monitor. Overall, very happy with the purchase.

    As a side note, I saw a Q/A related to HDMI giving only 60Hz. I’m seeing the same thing when connected to my laptop, but I think it’s just the laptop’s HDMI port not being capable of anything more than 60Hz. The monitor itself does 120Hz when playing on my Xbox.

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  2. Virendra Shah

    Have been using this monitor for a week now, here are some things you need to know before you buy:

    1. The three pin cable is too big, it won’t fit your regular plugs, you will have to buy a new power cable or fit a bigger power plug. (I got cable for ₹80)
    2. Monitor comes only with DP Cable, you’ll need your own HDMI cable. (cable for ₹100)

    1. The monitor is really good for this price point. For 12K this is the best horse you can put your money on. The performance of gaming will surely improve if you have freesync capabilities in laptop/ CPU.
    2. It requires color adjustment, the default one didn’t suit my eyes, but it’s very easy to configure and it did tone accurately to my liking, it now looks beautiful.
    3. I play Valorant a lot, i used to get 130-146 fps max, now i get 240-250 without a sweat. Max i have got is 374. (though Monitor is only supporting 165hz, you can see it helps in making games lag free)
    4. Blue light filter etc can be easily enabled / configed / disabled and is effective.
    5. Has headphone jack too and speakers which saves a lot of hassle.
    6. Easy to set up.

    1. Back light bleeding. I can see this when playing something dark, not that huge but yeah there is some in the left corner on my monitor.
    2. Speakers are there and loud but they’re average, however considering the price, they do more than what you should expect.
    3. Drivers for the monitor could be better.

    But these cons do not matter much in front of the pros, for 12k budget this is perfect.

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  3. Siddhartha Sen

    Beautiful product. Picture quality is also great but not like hp. But I’m Full satisfied.

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  4. abir h.

    Its need some software update for redeon sync (when i onn radeon sync on amd software and on radeon sync on monitor setting at same time i got some glitch’s.) (activate radeon sync on your pc only ) .sync system is decent you will not get huge difference. But you can feel the 165 hz its very nice ). and speakers can be improve at this price point.

    you can use it for dual monitor setup it got low bezels.

    Otherwise nice product.

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  5. Shyam

    Good monitor Perfect for budget gaming good quality great performance overall great product

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  6. Mridul Gupta

    Why I call it great for gaming but “fair” for other purposes?
    Saying it straightforwardly, its an IPS panel, so colors are better than other cheap VA/TN panels, though cannot be compared to the class of high end IPS panels which are heavily calibrated and for good reason.
    So for gaming, you can really take this one up as probably one of the best in budget category, and since colors have room for improvement along with this hellish color temperature, its not what I would call the best.

    I do not know whether 0.5 ms response time is real or not, but if it is then it has to be by enabling multiple features which further affect the picture a bit to bring down response time which personally I don’t care for much, but can be good for people looking specifically for gaming.

    As for the picture quality, well be prepared to calibrate some stuff by yourself using windows color management, especially the color temperature. Its way too towards the warmer side even when selecting “normal” in color temperature, but cool is way too blue for my taste. Keeping it at normal and further tinkering with windows color management calibration leads to a better output.

    10/10 points for this monitor’s brightness. Usually gamers and even other regular users tend to prefer darker rooms, except maybe very professional designers or people who heavily deal in art (but they most likely won’t be searching for a monitor in this budget anyway) and this monitor has more than enough brightness.

    Colors as I said before are good but definitely have room for improvement in that category, but I’ll reiterate again, do calibrate the color temperature through windows after keeping it normal in the monitor settings to be on a bit more on the cooler side (reduce the reds and greens via windows, the monitor’s controls are a bit wonky for me but it can be done there as well, however effect is not seen for some steps of one or two points).

    Now coming to the display itself, contrary to some reviews here, I definitely have backlight bleeding, and a noticeable one especially at night times. Its at the middle left side on top bezel of the monitor. There is definitely IPS glow and I genuinely think people who say IPS glow is not there may have not checked properly. Backlight bleeding is just on your luck, I am not going to ask for a replacement just for that reason for now as truthfully its tough to get one without backlight bleeding without some good luck. I am willing to tolerate the bleeding since its only at one spot and not “too aggressive” of a bleed.

    The displayport gave me a little trouble as for some reason it just wasn’t going above 60 Hz even when manually setting it up for such in Nvidia Control Panel. Had to do a some reconnects of the cable on both gpu and monitor side to get it working, but yes it does work with the given supplied cable.

    Another good thing is, this monitor can also support G-Sync over Display Port (working with the supplied cable). Some nvidia driver enabled this support. Just head over to nvidia control panel and setup the gsync, however it comes as “Gsync compatible” and not fully loaded with gsync features, still it will get the job done more or less.

    In the box are only power brick, DP cable, and stand along with some manuals I doubt anyone reads.

    Just my personal suggestion, but its better to run the monitor at 119.880 Hz or 120 Hz as it is a direct multiple of many popular framerates (23.976/24 fps for movies, 30fps for many camera captured videos, 60 fps becoming quite more common today) which leads to much less frame duplications, but its not something you will notice unless there is a panning motion of camera from left to right or such. Also most people don’t really care about it and if you don’t see the difference, feel free to run at whichever you like.

    That’s all I have checked yet, if there are any updates, i’ll write it on this review as well.

    Edit 1 : The color uniformity is not good in this monitor. The monitor ( or my unit ) has warmer shades as we move towards the bottom of the screen than on top. Since a replacement is not available, i’ll be returning this monitor and get it from another seller to see if another unit has it better. I would personally have been ok with it were it not so noticeable as it is right now. Not only are the colors warmer, they are a bit dull too, especially on bottom left. Camera can’t pick it up properly so I had a hard time proving it but props to amazon’s customer service.

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  7. Pritam Debnath

    Very Good monitor….Best monitor…Color correctionis best….picture quality is best….Total performence is best….I am using two monitor 1st HP 24fw and 2nd Acer Vg240y

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  8. Sagar shrivastava

    I have connected this to my laptop with hdmi and i am getting full 165hz.! I have checked and I can’t see screen bleeding.! Contrast is more of higher side.!

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    Acer Nitro Vg240Ys 23.8 Inch (60.45 cm) LCD Fhd 1920 X 1080 Pixels Resolution Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, Freesync, 165Hz, 0.5 Ms, Dp, 2 X…
    Acer Nitro Vg240Ys 23.8 Inch (60.45 cm) LCD Fhd 1920 X 1080 Pixels Resolution Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, Freesync, 165Hz, 0.5 Ms, Dp, 2 X…


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