Redmi K50i 5G (Phantom Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) | Flagship Mediatek Dimensity 8100 Processor | 144Hz Liquid FFS Display | Alexa Built-in

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Last updated on September 22, 2023 2:16 am
  • The 5G enabled Dimensity 8100 SoC built on TSMC’s advanced 5nm process technology has 25% better CPU power efficiency over previous Dimensity chips. Combined with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage the device elevates the gaming experience to new heights. The device can maintain sustained peak performance owing to the better heat dissipation via a large vapor chamber cooling system with 7 layers of graphite
  • The 6.6″ FHD+ 144Hz Fluid, Dolby Vision display along with 7-stage dynamic refresh rate is capable of producing 1 billion colors. The display produces accurate, vibrant colors & is extremely smooth and responsive as well, keeping the users fully immersed in their gaming & multimedia. The device comes with a unique 20.5:9 aspect ratio, clean & sharp flat frame design making the device aesthetic and comfortable to hold even for a longer duration
  • Reimagine photography with 64MP ISOCELL primary sensor, 8MP Ultra-Wide, and 2MP Macro triple camera setup. The triple camera setup with the AI noise reduction algorithm helps capture stellar images effortlessly both during the day and night scenarios. The 4K video recording capability brings out movie-quality videos in a hassle-free manner
  • The 67W in-box turbocharger can charge the massive 5080mAh battery in a jiffy. The all-day battery helps your Redmi K50i 5G work non-stop and ensures you don’t run out of power
  • The dual stereo speaker setup with support for Dolby Atmos brings out superior sound quality with rich & deep bass, accurate mids, and super crisp highs, providing for a consistent listening experience. The display and audio setup bring out an unparalleled experience keeping you engrossed in your games and multimedia

3 reviews for Redmi K50i 5G (Phantom Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) | Flagship Mediatek Dimensity 8100 Processor | 144Hz Liquid FFS Display | Alexa Built-in

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  1. G.V.J

    Got this as my secondary smartphone as I am a very heavy user.
    There are just 3 things that i would like to say about this device as i guess everyone has done their research about it before purchasing it.

    1.) Performance is great & the battery life is good too as the SoC is efficient. At this price, have no second thoughts if these 2 things are your priorities. Go for it.

    2.) Cameras, Design, Build : Not something to be very highly praised.Expect Average to Good pics from the stock Camera app. Gcam is still not optimised but you can get better night shots & better sharpness with HDR+ in shots if you get a stable version. i tried 10 versions of it.
    Design & Build quality is alright. Not premium in this price range. As it’s my secondary device wasn’t looking for it either way. it’ll do the job however.

    3. ) Its not what it seems to be :
    I was more worried about its LCD Panel rather than its Amoled Panel. Turns out it’s not that big of a deal in real life. Yes, contrast is something you’ll miss especially the blacks but that’s until you don’t watch the same thing simultaneously on an AMOLED screen. As such the videos in HDR10 with adaptive colour display brings out the colors pretty well. So it’s fine if you need the performance,the screen is really not of a bad quality.
    I was worried about the wrong thing all along, The real Con for me was the Software. MIUI 13 or any version per say On REDMI devices & POCO devices are different. I had never used a REDMI phone but i had used a POCO F1 & let me tell you that POCO does change MIUI very much for Users. I had thought REDMI & POCO both use MIUI , so how different can they be. Turns out a lot. There are bugs & bloatwares.
    I removed the apps which could be uninstalled manually then I removed some system apps to remove bloatwares & unnecessary clutter. Then i tried to modify things as per my customisation preferences which had different hurdles altogether although that only did that much to improve the software. Let’s see if an update fixes the bugs & patches everything up.
    POCO has a much better launcher than REDMI . You’ll be surprised that Poco launcher isn’t supported on this device even after being a sister company & even after having the same base OS & UI…🙆🏻‍♂️
    Other launchers go around the functions missing in this phone but then the phone will tell you that gestures aren’t supported for them, only the on screen buttons have to be used for navigation..🤷🏻‍♂️
    For Example : A simple Double tap to Lock Screen is missing..i had to install an app for that. Give it accessibility which has a timer for 10 secs. Then by pass the battery optimisations for it as it would revoke the accessibility. Then make a security exception as it would deem the app a security risk. All this for just this 1 customisation…

    Goodness me. i did more work on the optimisations on this phone than its developers would have…
    Just kidding..😛

    Last Words : The device is fairly new & there are definitely a few software glitches. I just didn’t know the gap was such even between devices running the same Custom UI of Android.
    All being said, i must say that the device held up to all things wonderfully. It is a performance oriented phone & it does show it. You’ll not be disappointed by this device. Everything is above average or better in the device with an exceptional performance for sure. However ,if you get this device software can play spoil sport with you…

    ( P.S. – Gaming was excellent too. Only played COD & Asphalt though. Couldn’t test BGMI as it got banned from Play Store. I could have side loaded it but didn’t get time due to the customisations requirements…)

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  2. Amazon Customer

    It’s a good phone for the price. I brought this phone on the first day of the sale I have been using this for just over week this will be my first impression & will post in detail in the coming weeks.
    1. Build Quality – Its very light due to complete plastic build but it’s not cheap & has a nice fit there are no squeaks or creaks when pressed.
    2. Display – The LCD is very very good but do not compare it AMOLED, especially AMOLED displays from a high-end devices they have superior colors & deep blacks but if are upgrading from an old LCD or a midrange/low end device with LED display believe me it’s much better coupled with it’s high refresh rates which are manually adjustable gives options of 60/90/144 Hz helps to conserve battery. You consider it as the best LCD display on a phone.
    3. Camera – I’m not an expert, the main camera adequate & is on par with other competitors the ultra wide & selfie cameras needs color optimization the night mode is mediocre at best, at this price it’s acceptable & for a normal user is more than enough.
    4. Performance – It’s very good day to day usage is a breeze no lags or stutters, I only pay call of duty mobile MP mode played for 2hrs no lag/stutter in low, medium & high settings but at highest graphic settings there are occasional frame drops when there is a lot to render like (smoke, fire & explosions all together) I usually play on medium graphics. I believe further gaming optimization is required. At least for now there are no competitors in terms of price to performance to this device. The 2hr COD gaming session drained about 35-45% of battery & it dose not heat up at all, at the very worst it’s warm to the touch that is the icing on the cake.
    5. Battery – It has a good battery life it can last you 1.5 days without any problem if you are a moderate user. The charger in the box will charge your phone in 45 minutes which is good enough.
    6. Connectivity – it has good call quality & wifi connectivity is good no problems here.
    7. Software – The standard MIUI shenanigan we have to be careful while setting up the phone to avoid Ads but there are no major bugs for now & UI optimization is very good hence no lag/stutter in day to day use.
    8. Sound – People don’t mention how good the dac in this phone is I use it with KZ Crinacle & it’s awesome.
    In short if you can get this phone that punches above it’s weight, If you can get it at a good price with exchange & card offers it’s a steal.

    Just an update after having used it for about a month.
    1. Most thing stated in the initial impression still holds true.
    2. Camera needs to be optimized, it’s really bad especially in dark environment.
    3. There are couple of minor bugs in the UI but it will not effect the day to day usage.
    4. Battery life is excellent. I’ve seen people giving a bad review stating that it has a bad battery life I believe they are uninformed a phone with near flagship processing power giving about 7 hrs of SOT is very good it’s actual competitors with SD888 barely gives 6 hrs of SOT, I have seen people comparing it with low end devices with SD 720/SD750 & Dimensity 800/700 these have about half the processing power as 8100.
    5. The sound quality from the 3.5 mm jack is awesome Xiaomi has used a high quality DAC if you have a good IEM it’s really enjoyable.

    Conclusion – It’s great device, but for those who are looking for top of the line processor (for gaming)under tight budget. If you consume a lot of content (Netflix etc) there are other devices with better display for the same price & this device is not for photography it has a really mediocre camera.
    But if you can get at a good price by using bank & exchange offers (under 20K)you can easily go for it. I got it for Rs16250 which is a steal.

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  3. Nilesh Mukherjee

    First of all I got this phone at 21k using CC offer.
    After 10 days of usage I would say, I’m happy with this.

    It’s a superfast phone with no lag or whatever. Not a single frame drop i faced in these days. Haptics are awesome, TSA is awesome, Display is good too. It’s an awesome quality panel with dolby vision support to make the display colors more vibrant. Although I would say the frone camera is not as good as the rear one. It butifies the face too much that sometimes you can’t even see the details. The rear camera is good with high dynamic range and soothing colors.

    And for all those BGMI players. Yes the phone supports 90fps in smooth graphics and it maintains around 85-90fps. The battery usage after 2.5hrs of BGMI gameplay at 90fps is 50-55%.

    All those who are talking about ram management issue, I faced that too, but for first 3or4 days. Then the phone adapts my app usage and it manages the ram according to that. I would say give the rom some time to adapt with your usage, then you will find no issue

    Hope this helps.

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    Redmi K50i 5G (Phantom Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) | Flagship Mediatek Dimensity 8100 Processor | 144Hz Liquid FFS Display | Alexa Built-in
    Redmi K50i 5G (Phantom Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) | Flagship Mediatek Dimensity 8100 Processor | 144Hz Liquid FFS Display | Alexa Built-in


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