Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear Headphone with Mic (Black)

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Last updated on May 7, 2024 12:16 am
  • Audio Quality: Immersive, high-res sound and powerful speaker drivers deliver the right balance of rich bass, crisp highs and natural mid-tones for your music
  • Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (ANC): Switch on active noise cancelling (ANC) to minimize ambient noise while working or traveling
  • 24-Hour Streaming: Enjoy up to 24 hours of wireless music, movies and calls before choosing the cabled connection or recharging
  • Wireless Freedom: Stream rich, lifelike audio up to 100 meters/330 feet away from your Class 1 Bluetooth smartphone or tablet
  • On-demand ANC to reduce ambient noise ; 10.1 ounces ; Operating and storage temperature – 0 to 40 degree celsius

Specification: Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear Headphone with Mic (Black)


Microphone Form Factor

‎With microphone

Includes Rechargable Battery


Contains Liquid Contents


Connector Type


Cable Feature

‎Without Cable

Battery Cell Composition

‎Lithium Ion

Batteries Required


Batteries Included


Headphones Form Factor

‎Over Ear

Web Browser Included



Number Of Items


Mounting Hardware

‎Earphones, User Manual, USB Charging Cable, Aux Cable, Carry Pouch

Special Features

‎Noise cancelling

Item model number

‎Pro 2


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions

‎20.57 x 19.81 x 22.86 cm, 283.5 Grams

Model Name



Item Weight

‎283 g

11 reviews for Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear Headphone with Mic (Black)

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Mo

    Fit and finish is nice. Comfortable check. Decent sounding microphone for phone calls, check. Price, check.

    20 plus hour battery life, check. Seriously I get over 30 hours on average. But I dont use noise canceling at all. It’s just not my thing, I like to hear care honking at me lol.

    I’m an audiophile so for sound I’ll give these 5 out of 5. But they are bass heavy do you will have to know how to set up your equalizer for what you are listening to. If you adjust your EQ well these cans are good for everything. Jazz, rap, trap, R&b, metal, rock, country, swing, big band, acoustic, accapella, folk, blues. “I listen to music every day for hours, and a wide variety” these really are great for everything, but I have to adjust my EQ frequently.

    The soundstage is decent but dont expect these to sound like Beyerdynamic DT990 headphones or Sennheiser HD 598. These aren’t 300$ headphones and shouldn’t be compared to them at all. To me that’s like comparing a V6 with a turbo to a V8 supercharger with noss. Both are great and have their place but they are worlds apart.

    Plus these have nice features like the active mic button that pauses your music and lets you hear people say stuff like “move or your going to get run over by that forklift” lol also if you just take the headphones off they have a sensor that will pause your music. I take them off and put them down often, purposely not shutting them off because of the long battery life. In a few minutes or half hour I’ll have them back on anyhow.

    Also they breath well, my ears dont sweat at all and I can hardly tell I have them on. They are comfortable and fairly light.

    Lastly the controls on the headphones work well and seem to ge built solid. Also anyone who had called me while I am out walking with them on says the microphone sounds decent.

    So all in all for the price, these are probably the best over ear cans out there.

    That’s my honest review.

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  2. V

    There is no other headphone in the market like this one. Guys this headphone will leave you in a dilemma that how can it sound so great (specially with aptX supported devices). About the ANC it’s not like Bose’s but it gets the job done and it has great comfort too. In my opinion BOSE & SONY they can’t even touch this product since I tried both of their top of the line QC 35ii & Sony MDR 1000×2. Surely they come with a lot of customisation options and great Noise Cancellation but the sound these produce is JAWDROPPING. You will not regret and don’t mistake that even Beats Audio can beat these as their name says BACK BEAT PRO. I am simply out of words, lastly they are supremely comfortable, it will just take you a day or 2 to get use to them. You cannot go wrong with this one guys, all better sounding headphones that stands above this are from the range 30,000 plus. You can give a try to Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC as well if you are looking for good ANC headphones with such sound quality.

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  3. Amit Prasad

    Update 2: It’s now two years later and these are still my daily driver headphones, with no degradation in quality at all. The battery, sound quality, and comfort are all like new. NOTE: these can now be found for $150-160 both on amazon and best buy, depending on sales. Check the other amazon listing for a better price.

    Update: Over a year of heavy use and no degradation in quality whatsoever.

    These are the perfect headphones. (I bought them for $190 CAD)

    I’ve tested one pair and the quality is astounding; believe the reviews that tell you these headphones rival the $350+ stuff from Bose and Sennheiser. I’m a woman with small ears so the cups fit comfortably with space to spare. Headband IS adjustable but it fits my head well at the default size. I’m able to wear these for hours without issue, even while wearing glasses underneath.

    There are a good six or so pairs of headphones that I rotate between for different purposes; these are #1 for quality and comfort out of everything I own.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Las almohadillas y diadema son sumamente cómodas, la construccion es buena, se siente solida, a mi me parece que el control de sonido podría fallar en mediano a largo plazo, no habia visto una configuración de este tipo. El sonido tiene mucho predominio de bajos, pero no enturbia el resto de frecuencias, medios calidos y agudos definidos pero menos resueltos con respecto a las demas frecuencias, la app agrega poco valor puesto que no ofrece demasiadas opciones de control y tiene muchos bugs, no permite actualizar via OTA, para actualizar deberas bajar la app en la pc y conectarlos vía USB. Tiene una bolsa para almacenaje y transporte que si bien protege de rasguños o raspones, no ofrece protección contra golpes o caídas, aunque para mi es de las mejores bolsas incluidas en unos audífonos. En cuanto a Codecs SBC y aptX se pueden utilizar. En su relacion calidad-costo es de lo mejor.

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  5. Mack

    This review is from user who is not an audiophile, primary purpose is to listen to music, watch educational content and streaming media. Been using it over 2 weeks with sessions of over hour long.

    1. Build quality: 4/5
    – Sturdy build quality. Steel band.
    – May not look great but feels great in the hand.
    – Buttons are sturdy

    2. Comfort: 5/5
    – Super comfortable. The earcups fits over the ear.
    – Tried others including Sony and JBL. But this one comes as comfortable as a Bose

    3. Sound: 4/5
    – Good noise cancelling, could not hear the TV in the room once noise cancellation was on.
    – Good sound reproduction for most users. Found that the quality of the audio has a big impact. Certain content really sounds great. Tried on amazon music, apple music with iphone

    4. Connectivity:
    – connects more than one device. Instantly paired without any issues.

    Overall for the price (1/3 of bose or sony premium headsets) this one really is an understated gem. Purely based on the comfort the sound and noise cancellation, absolute winner at this price point.

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  6. c anson

    I purchased the Sony H.ear On 2 (WH-H900N) headphones at the same time as these Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 headphones, so this review is mostly a comparison between these highly rated headphones and my personal opinions regarding both.
    Sony pros:
    – Noise cancellation is good
    – Adjustments within the app
    – Touch controls work well
    Sony cons:
    – Bass response
    – Ambient sound could be better implemented (more on this further down)
    – Sound leakage

    Plantronics pros:
    – Sound (particularly the bass response)
    – Controls are easy to master and can be used with gloves on
    – Pauses music when taken off or when the “open listening” switch is used
    Plantronics cons:
    – Volume ring could be easier to locate and feels a little loose/cheap

    Overall, the Sony’s probably have a better/more traditional look (I got them in the grey colour). However, the Plantronics have definitely grown on me and I think I actually like the look of them better than the Sony headphones now.
    I did not like that the Sony headphones had a function where you could put your hand over the right earcup and it would lower the volume of the music and then return the volume once your hand was removed. I would have preferred that the music paused as it does on the Plantronics. This is because, with the volume only lowered, I had to try to listen to the person speaking while also hearing the music at the same time. In addition, it looks kind of silly to be talking to someone while holding your hand over the ear cup of the headphones. I also like the “open listening” switch on the Plantronics better and am surprised at how often I use this feature when talking to people.
    The other thing I didn’t like about the Sony headphones was that when the ear cup was pressed and released, it made a ‘rushing air’ sound that I found quite annoying.
    The headphones weighed about the same and comfort is about the same with the Plantronics perhaps having a slight edge.
    There were three things that ultimately made me keep the Plantronics over the Sony headphones:
    First was that the Plantronics sounded way better with bass being way more emphasized without being over done (in my opinion). With the Sony headphones, even with adjusting the EQ through the app, they never sounded as full or as punchy as the Plantronics.
    Second was that the Sony headphones leaked A LOT of sound. If I sat beside someone (about 3 feet away), they would be able to clearly hear whatever was playing very clearly even if the volume was only moderate. The Plantronics also leak sound, but no where near the same amount as the Sony headphones.
    Third was price. When I bought the headphones, the Sony headphones were a hundred dollars more expensive than the Plantronics. Given that the Sony headphones did not hold any meaningful advantages over the Plantronics, the choice was pretty easy.
    Hopefully this review helps anyone who is currently trying to decide between these 2 headphones. The Plantronics are the best pair of headphones that I have purchased and I would highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates good, punchy bass and dynamic (but not too overdone or “boosted”) sound overall.

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  7. rajeshbabu.dodda

    After 5 months of usage:-
    Excellent Bluetooth range50 meters approx
    Average sound quality for music but exceptionall good for incoming voice calls.
    Average noise cancellation may be only 50% as compared to other more expensive brands like sony or boss.
    Excellent build quality & premium design although it’s subjective.
    Superb open mic feature.
    I Would have given it 4* if not for the mild ANC,but if you’re not too keen on noise cancellation and more interested in the other features then it should be an adequate product for the price.

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  8. EKR

    These were my first pair of bluetooth headphones: truth be told, I got them after my ears have suffered too many a Montreal winter without any cover after reading quite a few reviews and determining that there were the best value ones with noise cancelling. When I first got them, the package was well-made and the headphones were of a great build, though the soft case was annoying to have. Immediately putting it on and trying them made me realize a few things:
    1) the bluetooth connects really quickly
    2) the sound is good, I loved the strong base (I believe the first song I played was Relationship by Future, like the basic boy I am)
    3) the active noise cancelling (ANC) is not very good at all, esp compared to Bose (it seems to barely do anything, actually)
    I was a little disappointed with the poor ANC but not necessarily surprised: quite a few reviews had pointed it out. After using it for a week or so, I noticed that they are quite comfortable, never seem to run out of battery (I randomly charge them once or twice a week), and are aesthetic: they fit very well with my look, contrary to what a lot of reviewers said. I think the design fits them quite well, but perhaps it’s a bit better for younger people (for reference, I’m college-aged) as it’s a bit more flashy than Bose ones, which I like. A lot of people ask to try my headphones on actually, as they think they look cool (they conveniently fit around my neck at parties or in class, even though I look like a bit of a tool) and haven’t heard of the brand. Overall
    -Good sound!
    -Insane battery life
    -Great bluetooth
    -Convenient to carry around
    -Comfortable to wear
    -Buttons are intuitive and easy to understand
    -great value (I got them at 150CAD)
    -pauses music when taken off! (Seems like this should be a standard feature, as it’s so nice)
    -Poor ANC
    -Weird open mic mode that doesn’t work that well
    -Soft carrying case
    -Sometimes sound doesn’t pause when taken off the ears or play when put back on (probably a sensor problem)
    -When I am on a call, my partner hears outside voices louder than my own (the mic isn’t well directed clearly)
    I’ll edit this as I notice things!

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  9. Harsh Vardhan

    Brought this after a lot of research and most of the forums rated his very high and not without a reason
    Pros: Premium look and feel, Excellent features (Open mic, ANC, Misic pauses when you take it off etc), superb music quality. People who compare this with Sony and bose, let me remind you this is 80% as good as sony and bose in terms of sound quality and 70% as good as sony and bose in terms of Noise cancellation at less than 50% of their price. Great comfort to wear for long hours. superb battery life. Great bluetooth range

    Cons: Just wish that this was foldable. Little bulky to carry when not using.

    All in all great value for money. Just go for it if you dont want to spend more than double for Sony or Bose

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  10. Mack

    I used JBL J88I premium headphones before. They were awesome at sound quality!!
    But they broke, so after doing a lot of research I bought this.
    The build quality is better then my old pair. But it doesn’t sound as good as the JBL! I loved my old pair more.
    But i got a bargain with features.
    *The plantronics has a little noice cancelation which can be a lifesaver if you are traveling on a bus and babies cry or people fight/shout we can see that happening a lot in Indian public transportation.
    (And also recommendable while on plane ✈️ but most of us won’t be flying that often. It works on the plane nicely and no more buzz sound in the ears while flying)

    *And it’s wireless!! The best wireless setup i have ever seen on a headphones!!
    (I didn’t buy bose or shure or dr dree wireless headphones and won’t compare with them. Their price is not acceptable to me even if they sound better then these or not. )
    *The battery life is amazing. I charged it once when i got my hands on it. Till now (more than a month) It has half more juice in it. (I use it little less, max when i am traveling)

    **It is a good sounding pair. I sacrificed some sound quality for the features it is providing. And i am happy. So choose wisely.

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  11. Neanderthal

    Awesome product, it has bit of everything, it’s comfortable with leather pads and headband covered with leather too, it got ANC not 100% like Bose but hey we are talking about half of Bose price product,

    It have great bass yet somehow it have great clarity you will listen some sounds in songs which you never heard before, it have a great set features, you can listen outside world with open mode. ANC can be activated or deactivated with a simple button slide, the song will be automatically passed when you remove headphones and it will play when you wear them again, it has every option in headphone you don’t need to touch your phone/player for anything. I agree they are confusing at first but you will get used to it, it has the best battery life with 24hours, the 3.5mm jack is icing on the cake if you run out of battery or same some mobile battery,
    One the rearest feature this headphone have is you can turn on ANC even when you are using them with cable, at this price it’s a steal, I totally recommend it to all,

    As usual Amazon service rocks, no need of special mention about it

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    Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear Headphone with Mic (Black)
    Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear Headphone with Mic (Black)


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