Sony MDR-ZX110A Wired On Ear Headphone without Mic (White)

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Last updated on April 12, 2023 12:04 am
  • 30mm dynamic driver unit for clear sound
  • High energy neodymium magnets deliver powerful sound
  • Slim, folding design for easy portability
  • Pressure relieving earpads for extended comfort
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Specification: Sony MDR-ZX110A Wired On Ear Headphone without Mic (White)


Microphone Technology

‎Without microphone

Imported By

‎SONY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, A-18, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi – 109927

Country of Origin


Connector Type


Batteries Required


Batteries Included


Headphones Form Factor

‎On Ear

Microphone Form Factor

‎Without microphone


Mounting Hardware

‎Headphones, Operating Instruction

Special Features

‎Wired Headphones

Compatible Devices

‎Audio Player::Laptop::Mobile::Tablet

Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎27 x 26 x 20.5 cm, 135 Grams


Item Weight

‎135 g

12 reviews for Sony MDR-ZX110A Wired On Ear Headphone without Mic (White)

4.1 out of 5
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    Best Sony headphone for the what you spend. Good sound and build quality. I have been using this for 1 and half year. Only thing happened is material covering the earcups started to peal off. But usable. No issue with the sound or any damaged parts even after rough use.

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  2. Prasanth

    Okay…. Let me get this straight…. I havent been using this headset for straight up 4 years… I have tried many a headphones and in-ears after this… But for the first 2 years i had no other choice but to use it….. I still use it every now and again these days…. And that should make my review CLEAR as i will give you all of the the wholistic view of the headphones…(MIDRANGE ONLY-audiophiles dont laugh) (ONLY HEAVY READERS MAY READ THIS WHOLE… BUT I WILL TRY TO MAKE IT AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE)

    For me i have tried BOAT in-ears which come around 599 or 499, JBL heasets which come around 799….and currently Jabra smart halo which was given to me…. Price is around 5000-7000…. Bluetooth headset

    Now starting the review…. You must have read the above review and gotten a general idea of the sound quality and its lightweightedness…

    OKAY these are REALLY LIGHT and COMFY headsets… It doesnt clamp onto your ears like other on-ear headsets…

    PORTABILITY is on par…. The build is such that it could be folded and there are no useless curves so you can throw them into your bag and do not worry about it being crushed…

    The third is the main and its the SOUND QUALITY… damn… I am still shocked till this day… How were they able to pack these sounding drivers in there…. And the fact that it was available to me 4 hears ago… Probably lower than this price… I got it for Rs.499 which is just a total steal….. The sound is kinda FLAT…. And if you are a PROPER LISTENER… this is obviously a PLUS POINT…. It has a SOUND SIGNATURE very pleasing to hear and should not build up TENSION and ADRENALIN in the moments where you just want to…. SLEEP…… or relax…. Also somewhat FLAT signature lets you listen to the song the way it was meant to be BY THE ARTIST…
    Also the sound is WIDE…It doesnt feel that the sound is only playing inside your head… YEAH it is pretty much the best SOUND STAGE you can get at this price

    Now before you get too excited… Let me throw to you some of its defects in sound like a saucy villian MUAHAHAHA…. FIRST is that of its loose fit….yea it fits nicely but after 8 to 10 months these becomes kinda loose… So the volume decreases… Doesnt effect the SOUND QUALITY though….
    Second is bad… But not for all…it is that it has a LOW VOLUME…. If you want to listen to high volume music…. This headphones doesnt go that far… You may be able to increase it through some apps…but it is not that high from default….
    Third is the NOISE-CANCELLATION…. These have almost no noise cancellation… So if you are in a loud environment… You may hear the music but only with the rumbles of the real world….(For me it is not a disadvantage as i hate noise cancellation but for many it is so I added)
    The FOURTH is the REAL DEPTH in sound…. Although the sound is organic… But the depth in the sound is really low…. In ears have a greater depth compared to headphones…

    IN CONCLUSION…. If your budget is under 700…definately get this one for comfort and relaxation… If you are a ADRENALIN JUNKIE… get an in-ear…those go up monstrous in volumes and bass…
    Also i think i dont need to write about DURABILTY….its been freaking 4 years and i havent had a single issue of time with this thing….

    Thats all for now folks…THNX FOR READING….and damn you are a heavy reader…. I owe you one

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  3. Jayanth Varma

    Awesome awesome awesome…just awesome 🙂
    I m doubtful when I m booking.. Amazon delivery is very fast.,
    The sound quality is awesome for dis price 499/- very cheap price for awesome sound experience.,

    Very very soft headphone..I couldn’t feel headphone in my head..:) that much soft..

    Before I used JBL 350 series it comes 799- that one broken..I just tried Sony.. doubtful! But now I m big fan of SONY!!!




    First time I m giving my review.. kindly ignore my typing mistake (grammar) 😉

    Finally.. without doubt go for it..

    Also thanks for Amazon, Delivery person, also seller 🙂 🙂

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    Material quality is good but I can’t say anything about it’s durability. I feel that if you handle it carefully then it’s good but if you just roughly use it then may be you broke the headphone from speaker folding side. Sound quality is good at this prizepoint don’t expect to much. Although, I receive some day defective product as because right side of speaker is noisy. Some unnecessary noise comes from right side of speaker. I requested to Amazon for replacement hopefully it’ll replaced by good product nor defective one.

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  5. Soumya

    Guys, guys do not buy this product its a scam this product things to start malfunctioning after a few days the voice clarity is not good you will not appreciate this headphone if you are a bass lover and problem is that the sounds are not clear and one of problems and I phase personally during the usage of these headphone was that it tends to fall of the Year it’s not comfortable to wear and Tear quality is very bad this things to stop working you have to be really really really care for you don’t wanna Domestic Product it’s really easy to damage it and it’s not a good product its not by any means a very solid build product and it’s definitely not durable

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  6. Md Kamal Hasan

    Ya después de dos meses de uso y siguen como desde el primer día, me han funcionado muy bien y aíslan muy bien el sonido exterior, una peculiaridad que me agrada es que no son molestos después de horas usándolos, son muy cómodos y prácticos.

    Los compre en oferta por $262 pesos y la verdad, de las mejores compras que he realizado en amazon por tal precio.

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  7. ghosh mrinal

    The sound is very good, clear and a package of best sound. But after very rare use in 3 months right speaker gets off. Then went to sony service, they instantly replaced it without hesitation.
    But now i am editing after 1 year. Its left speaker again gets off. As 2 days ago warranty expired so I have not proposed to service center. But in a year needs replacement twice, so please think before purchasing.

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  8. ghosh mrinal

    I bought in OCT – 2016 & still using this in DEC – 2018. Only the protective cover on the sponge that cover speaker got worn off. Apart from that everything is still working fine. No damage has been done to size adjusting mechanism & wire. Sound quality is same as new.
    No negatives for this product except mic.

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  9. Mubarak Ali

    I have to admit that I don’t know very much about headphones. So if you’re looking for a technical review of this product – I’m not the best person to give that. However, if you’re a non-technical person (like me) who is looking for a lay-person review of these headphones – then keep on reading.

    First things first, they work. The sound is good. And they’re comfortable. Those are the basics. All I needed these for was to wear comfortably while I lay on my bed listening to music. That’s all these are being used for – so they do the job. The ear pieces swivel as shown in the pictures. I’d also captured the plug in – as you can see its “L” shaped.

    I do know a little about headphones and I will say this: they “headline” of the headphone is a little misleading as it claims two things: they they are over-ear headphones and they are noise cancelling. They are actually “on-ear” headphones as they simply fit over your ear but don’t completely cover them. You can tell by the fact that the ear pieces are circle shaped and not oval shaped. As for noise cancelling – I don’t know all the science behind it – but I can hear quite a bit of environmental noise even though I’m listening to music. If I wanted to drown out the environmental noise – I’d have to turn the volume up quite loud. Even those the headline of the product is a little misleading – I still gave the product 5 stars.

    With all that being said – I didn’t have any high expectations for these headphones. I just wanted something, simple, basic, and comfortable to wear while relaxing and listening to music.

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  10. Brandi VHook

    I was fed up with my husband borrowing my headphones so bought him these.
    He loves them! They clearly cut out all external noise as he never hears me when he’s using them! he says they are very comfortable too.

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  11. Jayanth Varma

    UPDATE: 6/19/21 I just wanted to update because my daughter just brought her headphones home from school for summer vacation and they are in great condition. Even the cords & the ear pads, which always seem to be the first to go. My daughter said she wants to still use these next year since they’re so comfortable, especially while she’s wearing her glasses. Honestly, one school year is what I’d hope to get from these at this value. I’m kind of excited they’re still going strong!

    UPDATE: 10/14/20 Bought a 2nd pair for our 3rd grader to use at school. Originally, we bought her the lightweight, on ear styled, Koss brand headphones on here, but she thought they were too tight and uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Especially because she wears glasses, and now a mask as well. She loved these tho! Said they felt great, and has been using them at school for just over 6weeks with no problems.

    ORIGINAL: We bought these for my mother in-law to use with her t.v. because she is starting to become hard of hearing. We wanted to check everything out before setting everything up for her, and we found these were made well, had good sound volume and quality, were comfortable for a decent length of time, and overall were good headphones. She wanted to have two different styles. These were the one style that she was able to use in her 3.5mm tablet as well, which was an added bonus. She had hoped both pairs would work in her tablet, but the on ear computer style Panasonic did not fit, but still works for the t.v. set up, which was her main concern. The Panasonic had a smaller pin, so it might have worked in a cell phone. She did not try it, but I will update once she does. I wish we had thought to try ourselves. We purchased everything on Amazon for her setup. This pair fit all of our heads and have a lot of adjustability. They do show which way to put them on by marking the back of the ear pad section with “L” for left & “R” right, as shown in my photos. These are decently padded, and if taken care of should last. Overtime, this padded material may start to crack and chip away, but they’re pretty good for this value. The Panasonic ones were more lightweight when wearing for long periods, so she’s still glad she got both pair. We waited 2mnths to review so she had a chance to really use these and see how they worked, and we told her we’d return them if needed, but she is happy with them. They’ve really helped with her quality of life. She had stopped watching t.v. for a time because she just couldn’t hear it anymore, so I’m happy the volume and sound quality was good enough so she could use them daily. We may order another pair of these for our daughter. I will update if these fail. I hope my pictures help give you an idea of what to expect in person.

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  12. Mubarak Ali

    If you’re expecting something that punches above its weight class, you’ll be sorely disappointed. These are $20 headphones through and through.

    They sound okay. Not a very rich or detailed sound, but not excessively muddy or tinny either. I’d describe it as balanced, but thin and flat. These aren’t very sensitive, either- I need to crank the volume almost all the way up on my work PC’s integrated audio to get acceptable levels. My Sound BlasterX G5 did a better job, but I still needed about twice the volume compared to my usual Audio-Technica M50s. I strongly suspect they’ll sound quite a bit worse if you push them, but I didn’t try it.

    The comfort of these is about the same as their sound: neither pleasant nor painful. They squeeze a bit, but they’re pretty light. The lack of padding on the headband doesn’t matter too much, again because they’re so light.

    They definitely feel cheap, but they’re not the worst I’ve seen. I wouldn’t throw them around too much or fold them too many times, but for light use they should hold up okay.

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    Sony MDR-ZX110A Wired On Ear Headphone without Mic (White)
    Sony MDR-ZX110A Wired On Ear Headphone without Mic (White)


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