KAYOS MCT Oil for Weight Management – 490mL – Pure Coconut Sourced MCT C8 Oil – Keto Friendly Ketogenic MCT Oil for Keto Coffee – Pre-workout…

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Last updated on May 14, 2023 12:01 am
  • ✨ Premium MCT Oil: Achieve your body goals with KAYOS MCT C8 oil. Our high-quality MCT blend is the perfect ingredient to boost your ketosis and beat the fat! It is an amazing flavourless and odourless energy support for Paleo, Ketogenic, or any low-carb diet.
  • 🥥 Single-Sourced: Strengthen your morning coffee with our organic and 100% pure unsweetened coconut-sourced ketogenic MCT oil (No palm oil). This powerful blend of essential fats contains a full MCT spectrum including caprylic (C8), capric (C10), and lauric acid (C12).
  • 💪 A Wellness Fuel: Kick the dullness, spark the senses, and recharge your body! Coconut oil MCTs are wonderful metabolism boosters and pre-workout supplements that can increase your mental focus, improve digestive health, and give you the energy to survive the day.
  • 🤝 100% Adaptable: The secret ingredient to revolutionize your every recipe. Give an instant power-up to your black coffee with our pure C8 MCT oil! From salads to sauces, this invisible ketogenic booster works everywhere as a healthy alternative to traditional oil.
  • ☕ Best Keto Coffee: Where your black coffee fails, the bulletproof coffee takes over! Blend the KAYOS MCT oil for weight loss with morning black coffee to make a frothy keto coffee and supercharge your brain and keto diet. Our caprylic acid MCTs will provide you healthy fats for the day without spoiling your weight management regime.

8 reviews for KAYOS MCT Oil for Weight Management – 490mL – Pure Coconut Sourced MCT C8 Oil – Keto Friendly Ketogenic MCT Oil for Keto Coffee – Pre-workout…

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  1. SunshineK

    I bought this oil over a year ago, and used a small amount initially. Then, I put it in the fridge since I wasn’t able to use it daily. When i took it out recently, it had turned blue! A synthetic, weird looking plastic blue. That can’t be right. Not wanting to take a risk with my health, I threw the entire bottle into the dustbin. I believe the plastic bottle has leached colour into the oil, because I am pretty sure it was colourless when I first opened it. I am glad I caught this before consuming it. The manufacturer should look into their packaging; it can be toxic.

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  2. Shivam Anupam Nemani

    I have been having MCT oil for years now, but I have never come across a product that tastes like plastic. It’s an awful taste and is definitely NOT what MCT Oil is supposed to taste like.

    Amazon refused to refund me the product’s cost, so please only if you don’t mind the sunk cost of experimenting with this product.

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  3. Sharda Agarwal

    I am using this during my keto, for me, this is working perfectly and suppresses my hunger until midday. I also feel active which I was not able to with plain coffee, while the recommendation is to use the blender, I am just dumping spoonful into my coffee cup before I pour in the hot water. Perfect, I hope this products stays on and does not disappear like some other MCT oils I used before this.

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  4. Amaozoner

    First of all I am not saying this is worth for the money as you can get pure unadulterated coconut oil for less than 400 Rs. The usual ones for 200 bucks that too 750 ml. However I have never seen such clear and non flavored oil in my life which is a good thing. The oil is clear as water and even though pricey my dishes tasted better, this is just my opinion. If costs is not a matter to you, definitely go for this oil. It is gluten and GMO free and 100 percent vegetarian. If you are allergic to coconut opt out of this product.

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  5. Amaozoner

    Looking at several health supplements available today in the market among them MCT oil is the most popular. However, MCT oil has gotten a lot of attention lately but how does it help you?
    It is a coconut-based oil or palm kernel oil. But Kayos offers you the pure coconut MCT oil for getting benefits over problems taking in fat or nutrients, weight loss, appetite control, extra energy for exercise and lastly inflammation.

    Does it work?

    The short answer is “Yes”. For instance, when you don’t feel hungry you may eat less and take only a few calories so if you use the Kayos MCT oil instead of coconut oil research has said it has actively participated in weight loss and help boost strength, especially for elderly people. But it may not be good for those working out at the gym.
    As Kayos MCT Oil makes the body ketones that feeds the brain doesn’t have any carbs.
    So, using it while cooking food, dressing salads or intake through other means would raise the amount of energy used by your muscles. Even studies suggest that drinking it will make your mind sharper.

    Finally, after using Kayos MCT Oil for a few days I can see a noticeable difference after taking up 0 carbs foods. Your body makes ketones when you break down fat on a very low-carb diet. This can lower your insulin levels and help you burn fat. MCT helps you make more ketones than LCT. This may help you get to the fat-burning phase faster.

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  6. Sharda Agarwal

    I poured out the Kayos MCT oil into a glass bottle. Just see the color! MCT oil is always colourless . This obviously means the black color from the plastic container has leached into the oil. And to imagine this is a health product. Shall pout it down the drain.

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  7. sankar gopinath

    First of all what i liked in this product is the all rounder matching to all foods. I am taking it as a supplement but not using daily because my low weight but i get decent energy from this.

    ➡️ This is best for fat persons who want to loose weight and normalize the weight for long time.

    ➡️ It matches to all shakes and coffee too. because of no taste at all and no flavor or smell form it.

    ➡️ The best part is energy feeling after using it. because it boost metabolism and gives us more energy from burning fat.

    ➡️ I suggest to all fat person who want to loose weight try this one.

    – Quality is good
    – Price is fair


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  8. Ajay Misra

    The product was delivered in a plastic bottle made of recycled plastic. The plastic odor was very strong and has permeated into oil. Even a few drops into any dish spoils the dish flavour. Can’t be consumed raw because of strong plastic smell. Thanks Amazon…. I am your regular customer….but when I thought of returning the product due to above reasons I found that it is non returnable,……My trust in amazon has dipped significantly. You don’t care about customers even if it is a faulty edible product. I would have reported to FDA had it been USA. I am sure the product contains toxins from plastic, Will see if fssai can do something as they have put their seal on it. Though the product is many time costlier (more than Rs.2000 per liter) than coconut oil from which it was extracted, I am not going to use it. That way I’ll lose money only which was spent on it and atleast will be saved from consuming toxic matter in it. But I think it is my social responsibility to report it to fssai to see what can be done about it in order to prevent others from consuming unknown toxins in the name of a costly coconut oil product. Whatever the outcome, at least my time spent on this endeavor will give me moral satisfaction.

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    KAYOS MCT Oil for Weight Management – 490mL – Pure Coconut Sourced MCT C8 Oil – Keto Friendly Ketogenic MCT Oil for Keto Coffee – Pre-workout…
    KAYOS MCT Oil for Weight Management – 490mL – Pure Coconut Sourced MCT C8 Oil – Keto Friendly Ketogenic MCT Oil for Keto Coffee – Pre-workout…


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