Rode Wireless Go II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System, Black (Model Number: WIGOII)

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Last updated on February 10, 2024 12:01 am
  • Dual channel wireless microphone system for recording two sound sources simultaneously
  • Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission, 128-bit encryption – crystal-clear audio at up to 200m (line of sight), optimised for extremely stable operation in dense RF environments
  • 3.5mm TRS analog output, USB-C and iOS digital output – universal compatibility with cameras, mobile devices and computers
  • On-board recording – over 40 hours of internal memory, Safety channel, flexible gain control (three-stage pad, expandable to 10-stage)
  • Includes 2U Transmitter, 1U Receiver, 3U Windshields, 3U SC20 USB-C to USB-A Cables, 1U SC5 TRS to TRS Cable, 1 Carry Pouch

Specification: Rode Wireless Go II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System, Black (Model Number: WIGOII)

Product Dimensions

‎2000 x 1500 x 800 cm, 0.45 Grams


‎3 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item model number



Compatible Devices

‎Personal Computer, Camera




Battery Type

‎Lithium Ion

Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Item Weight

‎0.45 g


Country of Origin


13 reviews for Rode Wireless Go II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System, Black (Model Number: WIGOII)

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Luke M

    Rode has the name and the reputation, so overall you can’t go wrong with the brand. They’ve done a great job with this mic and have put efforts into improvements since it came out. I like that you can update the software/firmware (when attached to a Laptop/PC), which many of the other similar mics do not do. This mic also has more settings to adjust than many of the similar ones on the market (many of which have to be done while plugged in to a computer with the RODE software installed).

    I will comment on a few downsides:
    1) While many competitors come with a strong hard case, Rode has gone cheap in that area and just includes a soft little bag. You have to purchase a hard case separately if you want one (which you most likely will if you want to keep your device in good condition). By skimping on this area, Rode has not quite provided a winning mic in all areas.

    2) Higher price than many similar mics. Yes, it’s a good quality mic, but to the untrained ear, the recording sound quality is pretty similar to mics that are about £100 cheaper (I have one of those too). It would probably take a sound expert to really notice any difference, which makes you wonder if the extra £100 is worth it, especially if you’re on a tight budget. I’m sure there is a difference, it’s just not really noticeable to most ears.

    3) The Rode does not come with a Lavalier (tie mic). You have to purchase this separately. Again, many of the slightly cheaper competitors DO come with an included Lavalier. So. Rode has once again skimped here, to give you the basic bare bones product minus the accessories that most people are going to want, so will need to purchase as additional costs.

    4) The included Rode cables are just about as short as you can get away with. Really Rode? You couldn’t spare an extra 20cm of cable? I guess you’re cutting costs again to keep the price of the mic within range of it’s competitors. When I bought a similar mic from another company (which was cheaper), I got multiple (longer) cables…. which included USB C and USB cables, as well as lightening all in the pac with the mic. With Rode, you just get the USB B (3 of them, since there’s 3 devices) and have to fork out extra money for any other cables with different fittings.

    I guess Rode wanted their mic to come across as not too expensive, so provided only the bare bones… while slightly cheaper competitors provide all the extras too (and longer connection cables).

    Having added in my thoughts on the negatives and Rode skimping on what comes in the pack, I will still affirm that this is a good quality wireless Mic which you can plug directly into a laptop, instead of needing a sound desk to send your sound through. So, it’s useful, portable and makes life simpler. Good mic, good system…. could do with including more extras without upping the price (since it’s already higher than competitors, who all managed to include the extras).

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  2. Neetesh Pathak

    Average mic.
    High pricing
    In 2023 other companies have offered other better mic.

    Main thing is– wireless mic enhance better user experience which can be done with another wireless mic too.

    I didn’t face any connectivity issue.
    Although when u are silent and then start speaking 🗣️, then mic takes 2 seconds to adjust, which is a bad thing for video makers.

    Overall decent mic
    High price

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  3. Rahul Jewaani



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  4. AbbyBReviewing

    We are SO impressed with these little mikes that we are considering breaking our duck and doing our first vlog describing how fantastic they are.

    We are a live event, DJ, event management, event decorating and production business. So kind of seen the video and photo people coming along with these little mike sets and laughed that they are obviously not “proper”.

    So eventually we succumbed and got our first set last week and have already used them twice.

    They are incredible. So versatile. Have reasonable quality and can even be used directly into a live mixing desk or recording setup.

    There is a lot to these little mikes. So let me give you just the highlights.

    – they really work at 200 metres line of sight and have a great range even where there is lots of other 2.4GHz traffic

    – they are tiny and can be made even tinier by using the Rode Lavalier Go – we bought a white and a black one

    – the transmitters can record without any connection to the receiver. Just standalone recorders. They can also record when the receiver is connected to avoid any loss of audio if you are going to use the result in post production rather than live.

    – they charge fairly quickly from pretty much any USB charger (B or C)

    – there is free software available on teh Mac and PC to fully control all the options for both the transmitters and receivers. This software also facilitates getting the recordings from the transmitters to the big bad world ready to go into Premier Pro or the like.

    – there is also software to make them work with iPhones but BEWARE that is not straightforward and you need a certified apple cable that supports Audio over the lightning connector. Rode make a couple of different types of these cable but they are currently out of stock.

    – the receiver can be plugged into not only your video camera but also into a mixing desk, focusrite, DJ controller and many more places. It is of course not giving you a “proper” XLR connection but you will have to use a TRS mini jack to XLR or similar cable. But …. it works!

    – the quality is fine – they are not up there with the higher end lapel mike systems, but for most corporate/wedding event production they are perfectly adequate.

    So, for just over £300 plus another £100 for a pair of lavaliers and maybe £50 for a case and extra cables you will end up with a VERY useful addition to your audio line up which can be used for live work, video blogging, livestreaming, ad hoc recording and even note taking when with a client.


    Thanks Rode. I thought you were all about teh NT and NTG ranges of mikes and these were just “toys”. I was very wrong.

    – they are small enough to keep in your pocket or if packed in a case, in your laptop case. If ever you “forget” your Shure SM58 wireless for example then these can fill in. If there is a last minute request to “record” the speeches then you can at least get broadcast quality audio which you can later match up with a mobile phone video or small format video camera. Which in emergencies is probably more than good enough.


    Of course we can criticize these when comparing to more expensive pro live equipment and some people have not liked the fact that you have to take recordings from teh transmitters one by one and label them after they land in the computer pre production. Some do not like the fact they are rechargeable and you cannot take spare rechargeable batteries (but they last at least 5 hours continuously on). Some do not like the fact that they are not really smooth with the iPhone and you have to have the “special” Rode cable. we have even seen criticisms about having to get separate USB charger(s). we have also seen some criticisms about teh headroom on the signal being such that they do not do well for loud recordings. This is all true and largely insignificant. In fact there are legitimate workarounds for pretty much all of this.

    All these things can be got around.

    We are looking to try one of the Go 2 customer chargers that can store and charge all three components whilst out in the field without ANY other power.

    We will definitely be buying more of these kits next week and are looking forward to being able to improve our services to our clients and third party suppliers.

    Never lose an audio recording.

    Never be caught short without a mike.

    Dont give up quality to keep these things in check.

    Thanks Rode. You are great. AGAIN.


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  5. Aaisha

    I like this but i still figuring it out as some weird noise is still coming..I will put up a comment once i will use it longer duration about it quality.

    But yes its way better then the other products i have used.

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  6. Luke M

    I really love these devices when they work. Sound quality, range and size is fantastic. But be warned, these are unreliable so have a backup. I have had them for a year, but already one of my Transmitters just randomly turns of. I’ve factory reset, upgraded firmware but same issue.

    The laptop pc software is buggy and unreliable. There’s so many good things to say about these except they won’t work as expected.

    2022-07-22: UPDATE: So I ordered a new unit to replace the faulty ones and one firmware update later and the Rx won’t play audio via the RODE Connect app. These units are buggy, unreliable and support typically take 3-5 days to respond to a query. Great when they work, but painful when they don’t.

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  7. MusicZon

    First Rode product to let me down. The transmitters keep unpairing and are completely unreliable in the field.

    The units look good and come with a handy little case which is a nice touch. Got them working okay at home and things looked promising. The first few sound tests were good. Range is okay if the unit has line of sight, otherwise not amazing but they come with onboard recording as a backup with is great.

    Problem starts when you switch off and try to turn back on, then one or other unpairs with the receiver. It took an age to find information about how to correct this? Like come on Rode? Anyway, the fix is manageable at home, but outside on a shoot, in full sun light etc is next to impossible.

    Accompanying software Rode Central, isn’t bad but it would nice if one could download all tracks together, not a biggie but just a minor issue.

    Ultimately, if you pay €250 for a product from a company with Rode’s reputation you expect reliability to be rock solid and in that regard the product fails. Couldn’t recommend at all, avoid.

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  8. AbbyBReviewing

    PROS: You can automatically Backup all audio recordings (this personally is my favourite new feature on the GO ii vs GO i very handy). Perfect for YouTubers, amateurs & professionals alike. Excellent audio quality (the best I’ve ever heard from a wireless mic), fast pairing, great range connectivity when talking close to or far from the reciever, nice battery life I get ~6.5-7.5 hours. Audio settings are highly adjustable especially when using the rode app. The GO ii is light weight, easy to conceal, and works perfectly solo and with my non-rode lav mic. Comes with detailed instructions and is overall simple to use.

    CONS: The price (very expensive). At this price they should have provided more cords because if you want to film/record audio/use the mic with a phone, GoPro or computer extra TRRS, USB C or lighting adapter cords are needed to use the GO ii. Case is too small and won’t fit all the items included (will only hold the 2 transmitters & the receiver).

    Overall, I would highly recommend the Rode Wireless GO ii to others! 👍

    If you found this review helpful please click the helpful button below 😊

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  9. Manjesha

    Good amount is big hoo 👌

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  10. Swayambhu

    But genuine Apple accessories for Apple products

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  11. Nicolas HL Joffroy

    Of course it is expensive, but it gives an outstanding sound. Various setting for an optimisation of your recordings according to your equipment. Good lavallier is compulsory. Rode software is super user friendly.

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  12. Palash sarkar

    Good product . But go for dji new mic

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  13. Shravan kumar

    Best mic in low price if you have money you can buy

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    Rode Wireless Go II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System, Black (Model Number: WIGOII)
    Rode Wireless Go II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System, Black (Model Number: WIGOII)


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