Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone for Podcasting, Recording, Live Streaming & Gaming, Built-In Headphone Output, All Metal USB/XLR Dynamic Mic,…

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  • Convenient Plug-and-Play Operation
  • Voice Isolation Technology
  • Durable, Versatile Design
  • Flexible Sound Control with the ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop Application
Last updated on April 18, 2024 12:21 am

Specification: Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone for Podcasting, Recording, Live Streaming & Gaming, Built-In Headphone Output, All Metal USB/XLR Dynamic Mic,…

Product Dimensions

‎10.92 x 31.24 x 12.7 cm, 1.05 Kilograms


‎1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Item model number




‎USB, XLR Connector

Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Item Weight

‎1 kg 50 g


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13 reviews for Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone for Podcasting, Recording, Live Streaming & Gaming, Built-In Headphone Output, All Metal USB/XLR Dynamic Mic,…

4.2 out of 5
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    Nice product

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  2. Ian T

    I am new to sound recording and bought the MV7 on the basis of what professionals seem to be using and product reviews. I had an urgent need to voice-over videos and presentations and the inbuilt microphone in my computer was not quite up to standard. I needed to buy a quality microphone without having time for detailed research or chance to test.
    The Shure MV7 and associated Motiv software were easy and intuitive to install and use. I use both the micro-USB and XLR (via Shure Mvi) connections for different purposes and record via Loopback and Audio Hijack, which are also new to me. Despite my inexperience, the results are excellent, which is a testimony to the equipment and software, rather than my skill.
    The microphone is very robust and I look forward to using it for many years.
    My only concern is that the price is high. With more time I may have found an alternative to meet my needs at a lower price.

    I accidentally pulled the USB cable when moving the microphone boom. Although the force was minimal the micro USB bent and no longer connects reliably. The socket in the microphone is OK, but I have had to replace the USB cable. I would have expected better from Shure at the price of this mic and have deducted a star.

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  3. Ajoy John

    I’ve sued the MV7 mic a few times and I’ve always been impressed by its clarity and depth.

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  4. Mr Cooty

    I was using a BM800 XLR Mic and after buying SHURE MV7 I noticed the difference even using the USB method, I watched some cool vids on how to tweak it up even better in OBS for if you do streams or other content

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  5. Natraj chaturvedi

    I am somewhat unhappy about its price, the silver-colored version goes for 20,500 but it was out of stock temporarily when I needed to buy.
    So I had to buy this version overpriced by 1000rs @ 21,500!

    As for the Mic itself, it is a dynamic microphone but don’t think it will reject all noises in your room from Fans/AC etc.

    Thankfully I’ve got a Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card in my computer which has the RTX voice feature in its broadcast app. Its able to do live Noise Reduction through AI algorithms.
    I got wow results from it and now I am ruing buying this expensive mic cuz I could have gotten similar results with a cheaper USB Condensor Mic like Blue Yeti or AKG Lyra or a traditional XLR mic like Shure sm58.

    If your considering buying this because its a Dynamic microphone and you want to use the mic in a noisy environment then may I suggest going for a traditional XLR Mic like Shure SM58 or Seinheiser e835 + basic single source USB audio interfaces like Behringer U-PHORIA or a Focusrite Solo. The combined cost will come to less than or equal to this mic and you get same quality of noise cancellation if not better.

    My voice sounds a bit more nasal with a MIC like SM58 so I chose this mic. (although I love the presence-enhancing effect of Seinheiser e835/e935 for my voice. Its my go to Mic for recording my songs as well as skyping/zoom) You can google how those or any other mics sound vs this one and decide for yourself.

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  6. Danny Ratcliffe

    I am a very small streamer, but I decided to switch to this mic from an Elgato Wave:1 – not because the Wave is a bad mic by any stretch of the imagination – but just because I’m aware that dynamic microphones are massively better at rejecting background noise and helping when you have some slight echo/reverb in your room. Although this mic is slightly more expensive than the Wave:1 (around £107.05 at time of writing this review), I definitely think that if you can afford the price difference then it is absolutely worth it.

    Originally I was happy using mics with USB connection, especially since the software suite with the Elgato Wave was pretty useful, but I had the intentions of purchasing a GoXLR along with an XLR dynamic mic, and until then I wanted some form of USB dynamic mic as a stop gap, as the GoXLR stock was pretty dry in the UK for a little while. I done my research and came across this mic, and I listened to multiple sound tests and comparisons between the MV7 and the legendary SM7B and thought for a USB mic, it sounded incredible!

    I started off by using the mic connected directly through USB, and using the Shure Motiv app and had a fairly pleasant experience with it. I’m an AMD user with an x570 motherboard, so I’m not sure if this is related to the ongoing USB issues – but I found a lot of the time, my mic gain would automatically change itself to max (36dB) whenever I would restart my PC, compared to the 24dB that I had it set at. As long as I applied the mic settings lock, it would stop this happening, but then it would also stop me being able to toggle the mic mute – which was unfortunate.

    Apart from this issue (which again could just be an AMD issue) – the software works pretty well! I followed the recommended settings from Podcastage’s video review on the mic, and overall had a very nice sound through USB. I wish the Shure Motiv app allowed for a more in-depth EQ control, rather than the three presets – along with more in depth control for the compressor. Although I can’t fault the app for this, as it is pretty clear that they wanted to make it as simple as possible to set up the mic and get a good sound, which is exactly how it goes with the app since all of the settings seem to work, except the EQ just works better being set to ‘flat’ since you can’t EQ specifically around your voice tone/pitch.

    I never tried the “auto level” mode personally, but from the number of video reviews I have watched, it also seems to work pretty well, and looks to be a good way for a complete beginner to just plug their mic in and be up and running immediately, with the software controlling all characteristics of the sound on the fly for the user.

    After using this microphone through USB for a couple of weeks, I have purchased a GoXLR and I am now using it through XLR, and personally (for my voice at least) – it just sounds much more clean and crisp overall, especially at the higher frequencies. Shure, this mic is no SM7B (see what I did there?) as personally I feel like the SM7B does have a nicer, more refined sound overall – but for anyone who is in the same boat as I was (in terms of looking for a USB -> XLR upgrade path), I can wholeheartedly recommend this mic, as it sounds great through both USB AND XLR. You can also record through both the USB and XLR output at the same time – if you needed to do this.

    To summarise, this mic wasn’t created to replace the SM7B – the SM7B is still the king of dynamic mics, but for a great all in one solution, you cannot go wrong with the MV7.

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  7. Zeeshan Noorani

    Awesome for everything. But touch panel is irritating.

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  8. Blacksynth

    Mixed bag this one, The sound and features is perfect for Podcasts and live streams, The sound has some midrange texture that works well and cuts for talking on a podcast or live stream where its competing with other sound sources like game play in a live setting where you do not always have plugin chains. , for singing or use in the studio . it’s a no go. the midrange whilst it cuts its harsh, and the highs are about as smooth as sandpaper. I know its not a fair comparison but I did A/B it with my Sontronics Mercury Tube Mic to see if it was usable as a vocal mic. it was terrible I know that’s a £1,300 mic but even a £99 Rode NT-1 would beat the MV7. its just not flat enough and has some distortion in the mids that just sounds bad in a song. but for podcasts and streaming it actually cuts nicely and its probably the best mic for that. being a dynamic mic, it rejects other room sounds really well. for streaming, its a keeper!!! esp paired with Nvidia broadcast. no need to use headphones anymore for streaming. I gave it 2 stars for the ridiculous Micro USB port on the back. Shure…what are you thinking? any tension on the cable (which can happen a lot) and it either pops out which is the worst thing that can happen live, or it bends the connector. I had to hot melt glue gun it in just so it wont break or fall out. 2 stars man that’s awful, then there is the wind jammer. completely unusable, if you want to get the best sound you gotta get close to this mic, and its gonna be pop city, needs the SM7B foam which I have and is night and day. its pretty much mandatory to use that foam on it and bin the one it comes with which at the front is about 2mm thick. ridiculous. with the SM7B foam and glue gunning the usb connector in its superb for its intended use.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Would not use it in a room where others are shouting, but no one complains nowadays about volume being low post noise cancellation compression by Krisp

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  10. Nikhil

    Just as mentioned killer choice don’t regret, go for it

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  11. TheReader

    I bought 2 of these, the first of which worked for one day and died the next day, and the second did not even switch on. Used all support and troubleshooting channels but nothing worked. Amazon Support said it’s a firmware issue with the Shure App updates, and there’s no clarity as to when this would be resolved by the company. Would not recommend you buy this at all. Save your money and go to a company who cares about the product they’re selling and provide adequate solutions.

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  12. Sachin P.

    I made mistake by buying blue yeti as its very sensitive to noise and i dont have very professional setup.
    MV7 is perfect for beginers, just directly connects to laptop with usb and install motiv. No additional complexity of sound adaprt with xlr setup.
    I did some test recording was able to cancel noise of fan etc. The motiv software is good to tune recordings,provides 3 different options for voice. deep or normal voice recording suits podcast. So minimal or no post production required for beginer level.

    But it also privides xlr option for those who needs it. 3.5mm audio is provided to listen while recording.

    Comes with 2 long cables one to connect to USB and another to type c. Exfra screw provided to mount on bloom arm.

    Overall good

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  13. Ajayadittya Menon

    I bought the MV7 to start podcasting. The set up was a breeze. The audio quality is top notch. This will serve me for years to come. I am very happy with my investment.

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    Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone for Podcasting, Recording, Live Streaming & Gaming, Built-In Headphone Output, All Metal USB/XLR Dynamic Mic,…
    Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone for Podcasting, Recording, Live Streaming & Gaming, Built-In Headphone Output, All Metal USB/XLR Dynamic Mic,…


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