Acer Et322Qk 31.5 Inch (80 cm) 4K Uhd 3840 X 2160 Pixels Backlit Led Monitor I 100% Srgb I HDR 10 Ready I Acer Vision & Eye Care I Stereo Speakers…

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Last updated on September 26, 2023 12:00 am
  • Exceptional High Resolution: 31.5 Inch UHD 4K 3840×2160 Resolution Display I 3000 : 1 Contrast Ratio I 300 Nits Brightness I 4 MS Response Time I 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • HDR 10 Ready Increases the dynamic range between black and white to showcase incredible clarity and details I 6 axis color adjustment to customize your color preference
  • Acer VisionCare Technology optimize viewing experience I BlueLightShield & Flicker-less technology Reduce Eye Fatigue I 10 Bit Color Depth I Low Dimming Technology
  • Connectivity Options Includes : 2 X HDMI 1 X Display Ports with Inbox DP Cable I Integrated Stereo Speakers
  • 100% sRGB wide color gamut I Robust and stylish metal biomimetic stand with delicate silver finish
  • AMD FreeSync Technology provide smooth tear free game play I 3 Years on Site Warranty

Specification: Acer Et322Qk 31.5 Inch (80 cm) 4K Uhd 3840 X 2160 Pixels Backlit Led Monitor I 100% Srgb I HDR 10 Ready I Acer Vision & Eye Care I Stereo Speakers…


Number of HDMI Ports


Imported By

‎ACER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Embassy Heights, 6th Floor, No. 13 Magrath Road, Next to HOSMAT Hospital, Bangalore, INDIA – 560030

Country of Origin


Included Components

‎Main Unit and Power Cord

Are Batteries Included



‎4 Watts


‎120 Volts

Item model number



Product Dimensions

‎24.64 x 72.9 x 52.83 cm, 5.62 Kilograms


‎3840 x 2160 Pixels

Standing screen display size

‎31.5 Inches

Item Width

‎28.7 Inches

Item Height

‎20.8 Inches


Item Weight

‎5 kg 620 g

13 reviews for Acer Et322Qk 31.5 Inch (80 cm) 4K Uhd 3840 X 2160 Pixels Backlit Led Monitor I 100% Srgb I HDR 10 Ready I Acer Vision & Eye Care I Stereo Speakers…

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  1. B.sunil shyam

    i have been using from past 2 months i didn’t faced any issue with this product little disappointed at with its speakers.This is 2W speakers that was very low quality and even we unable to lesions songs as well and the response time to get the response from system to monitor is little bit low that was very hesitate to wait.except that everything is good and very impressive display and its given connectivity ports.

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  2. baba8d

    Not that bad, not that good.

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  3. Udit Jindal

    The picture quality is good enough, just like any other 4k monitor. The issues are listed below: –
    1. The main issue is the sound. The speakers are very poor, and lacking in both volume and quality of sound.
    2. The second issue is the stand. It takes up a lot of space. The stand is structured in a way that it extends behind the monitor, further making less space available for use on the desk or table where it is placed. Moreover, since the monitor is so big, it is desirable to have some distance between it and the eyes, which is hindered by the stand.
    3. Normal/cheap HDMI cables do not work. I tried but had to buy a new cable with high transfer speeds (48gb/s according to product page) from amazon for nearly 1600 rupees.

    The advantages of this monitor are its HDR capability, AMD freesync and low power use that enables it to be used even when working on backup power. And it looks nice on the outside as well.

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  4. Dwain

    A Great 32″ 4k Freesync Monitor for the Xbox One X! BUT…
    Santa gave me a Xbox One X for Christmas and sens I only had 1080p monitors and TV’s in the house I obviously started searching for that perfect 4k@60hz HDR Freesync monitor. I first had my eye one the LG 32UD99-W but after some research and with a $999 price tag I wanted to find more options. I found the Monoprice 32″ 4k but after much research I found it has many problem reported and I’m not sure I wanted to chance it with one. I then found the Acer ET322QK and it looked like a dream come true when reading the spec sheet and reading 90% of the reviews. I knew before I purchased this monitor about the HDR is done by software but I purchased the monitor because of the great price and the great reviews I found. When I first received this Acer monitor I was very disappointed. Yes it enables all the great features on the Xbox One X But there is more to it. The first thing I had to do was change the color depth to 10-bit color in the Xbox Video Output settings. I enabled HDR mode in the monitor settings and noticed you can not run Freesync in HDR mode and this causes bad ghosting in most games. Mostly noticeable in the Battlefront 2 menus. In game I didn’t notice it as bad but ghosting is still there. But the thing that had me to almost return this monitor was when in games the monitor colores seemed very washed out and some darker sections get very pixelated. I was disappointed because the image and color depth was much better on my 2012 Asus VE278Q 1080p monitor. Also if you turn HDR off in the monitor settings then the colors get even more washed out. Either way there is no color correction setting that can correct this. I tried for hours.

    But, here is what I found. You can’t count on this monitor being an HDR monitor for the Xbox one X. I turned HDR off on both the Xbox Advanced Video settings and in the Monitor settings, I then enabled Freesync in the monitor settings and WOW! This monitor is poppin now! Colors are deep and much more detailed then with HDR enabled, and with Freesync now enabled ghosting is basically gone and the gaming experience in 4k is awesome! I have decided I am going to keep an eye on the new LG 32UK950-W and most likely will end up getting that monitor next holidays but until then for the price, this is a excellent 32″ 4k Freesync gaming monitor for the Xbox One X. Just know you most likely will not be using the HDR setting.

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  5. Andrew Strautz

    I haven’t owned this monitor very long but I can say it has its problems. I’m not nearly well off enough to send it back for repair so consider that before you click the buy button.

    When I bought it there where problems rite out of the box. I sent Acer an anonymous Email asking about it and they told me that it was “normal”

    for an example, when this monitor powers on, at least in my case, the dimming zones in all 4 corners are high. While gaming the brightness zones a crossed the monitor band like a low quality video clip from 2004.

    its thin sure, it has HDR support but it lacks many of the standard features of a quality monitor like USB hubs and adequate adjustments; unless you can use a monitor perpendicular to your desk the standard monitor adjustments are terrible. In a dark room even the black screen is a night light, made worse still by poor dimming support. A generic VESA mount is nearly required. This is a budget gaming monitor so despite recommendations elsewhere I’d say go a tier up.

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  6. Ozone Financial Technology India Private Limited

    But were unhappy with the return policy. We needed a monitor with USBC and this model does not have the same.

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    Nice size, easy to set up, attractive look without being “weird” looking.
    A good price and a fine upgrade for an older 28 inch HD monitor
    4k at a good price

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  8. Kumar Tripathi

    1. Picture Quality: Looks crisp and is easy on the eyes. Games on PS4 Pro look amazing.
    2. Monitor itself looks classy and elegant. Looks well above it’s price. Although the colour is white, so it may get yellow-ish over time if not taken care of.
    3. Controls are easy to use. I like to use Joy stick to navigate, so this could be subjective.
    4. Stand is very firm. No wobbles.
    5. Build quality on the whole is amazing.
    6. Headphone stand on the back is a great convenience, I use quite a lot of full sized headphones (DT990, m50x, HD599), hence this stand is something which I really appreciate the value of.

    1. Doesn’t come with an HDMI cable.
    2. No USB-C.
    3. HDR is still far away from true HDR. But at this price I wasn’t expecting it to be great anyways. HDR is more for bigger and expensive TVs. So, HDR should not be the deciding factor.

    The only regret – Why not earlier. Why?

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  9. Shawn H Clavette

    Great monitor if you want a large with good colour quality on a budget. sRGB looks wonderful.

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  10. syamala

    I would complain about Picture quality, color saturation, color accuracy, black level and a lot more. But I don’t know professional details of those things. To me the display is too good for the images that I see & applications that I work on.
    My major requirement is have a 4K display so that I can manage my open windows effectively. Usually I’ve to keep open many applications at once & switching between them is a pain. A 4K monitor would solve the problem. Earlier I tried using a 4K TV as a monitor but it was only 30Htz @ 4K, there was a huge lag in response to mouse movement & everything on the screen. So I switched to this model, solely for its price.
    Not at all disappointed in any terms. The only compromise is its speaker volume, even gaming laptops can produce twice volume than this. For the monitor of this size, it must have been better.

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  11. Klint

    This is a decent monitor for the price point. It did take some time to get the picture adjusted so it wasn’t so bright and washed out looking.

    The viewing angles are not that great. The stand is neat, but awkward.

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  12. Arpan Pal

    I mainly bought it for coding. Here are a few points that you need to know before purchasing it.

    1. I thought VA panel will give slow response times, I mean when I’ll view white texts on a dark background, they’ll experience ghosting. But practically nothing even close to that occurs. Everything looks absolutely normal. This was the biggest surprise for me.

    2. The contrast looks absolutely stunning. If you are upgrading from an IPS panel, you’ll be amazed. Black tones are nothing short of gorgeous. If you prefer to work in a dimly lit room, VA is truly the way to go.

    3. I found 3840×2160 resolution with 125% scaling my sweet spot. Texts look easily visible yet very sharp. Even this display setting gives you more screen real estate than a native 1440p.

    4. There are multiple picture profiles like sRGB, Rec709, HDR, Eco mode. Also you can customise whatever you want and save your own profiles. Viewing angles are good as well, with no visible distortions even beyond 100°. So, beginner to intermediate level color grading can easily be done with this panel. Professionals definitely need an IPS panel for more consistency. Because gamma shift is a thing with this monitor. If you don’t know what that is, then I can say this monitor is perfect for you.

    5. The OSD controls are done by a joystick and 3 other buttons behind. Also there is another power button. The joystick controller works like a charm. You won’t need any other buttons for the OSD menu. But you should know reaching out to the side of a 31.5inch monitor does require some serious streching 😀

    6. Dual HDMI, one Display Port, one 3.5mm headphone jack is seriously all you need for connectivity. Although there are no cable management options, but still they do the job.

    7. AMD freesync (45-75Hz) is available with 1080p resolution. For 4K it’s stuck with 60Hz. And it’s highly unlikely that you need something beyong 60 with native 4k. So no complain about that.

    8. The 2watts x 2 dual speaker setup is actually important. I definitely won’t watch movies with those. But for notifications like Teams, emails, and for tutorial videos from youtube they work better than any laptop speakers. Make other arrangements for hardcore media consumption though.

    9. Last but not the least, having the option to open four 1080p screens boosted my productivity to the next level. And being 31.5inch, the PPI is good enough for you to work from 2 3 feets away.

    Final verdict is that I wanted a good 4K monitor and I got a good 4K monitor. Look wise, this monitor looks stunning from every angle. White background with brushed aluminium stands, makes it look a lot more premium in person. It’s feature rich, it performs well. It also even have a headphone stand at the back. You won’t get such combo at this price point. Like we all know, a good VA is better than an ordinary IPS. If you’re on a budget and you want a good 4K for whatever reason it might be, this monitor is perfect for the price you need to pay.

    Have a good day!

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  13. Anurag

    Excellent product at <30K. Build quality is good.

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    Acer Et322Qk 31.5 Inch (80 cm) 4K Uhd 3840 X 2160 Pixels Backlit Led Monitor I 100% Srgb I HDR 10 Ready I Acer Vision & Eye Care I Stereo Speakers…
    Acer Et322Qk 31.5 Inch (80 cm) 4K Uhd 3840 X 2160 Pixels Backlit Led Monitor I 100% Srgb I HDR 10 Ready I Acer Vision & Eye Care I Stereo Speakers…


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