LG 23.8 inch (60.45 cm) Borderless LED Monitor – Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio in/Out Ports and in-Built Speakers – 24MP88HV (Silver/White)

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Last updated on April 11, 2023 12:10 am
  • Screen Size: 24 inch (60.45 cm) Full HD (1920 X 1080) Borderless (4 Side) with Speaker IPS Panel
  • Connectivity Port: 1 VGA Port, 2 HDMI Ports, 1 Audio-In Port, 1 Audio-Out Port, 1 Headphone Port, 2 Speakers (10 Watt each)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m²
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Response Time: 5 ms
  • Viewing Angle: 178 degree horizontal 178 degree vertical
  • Flicker Free Technology: Yes
  • Manufacturer Detail: LG Electronics Nanjing New Technology Co. Ltd,NO.346, YAOXIN ROAD ECONOMIC & TECHNICAL,DEVELOPMENT ZONE, NANJING, 210038, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA,NANJING,China-210038
  • Importer Details: LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. , A Wing (3rd Floor), D-3, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi – 110017
  • Country of Origin: China

Specification: LG 23.8 inch (60.45 cm) Borderless LED Monitor – Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio in/Out Ports and in-Built Speakers – 24MP88HV (Silver/White)


Colour Screen


Imported By

‎LG Electronics India Pvt.Ltd

Country of Origin


Real Angle Of View

‎178 Degrees

Mounting Type

‎VESA Mount

Connector Type


Refresh Rate

‎60 Hz

Batteries Required


Batteries Included


Aspect Ratio


Image Brightness

‎250 cd, m²

Viewing Angle

‎178 Degrees

Display Type



Standing screen display size

‎24 Inches

Display Technology

‎IPS Wide Angle

Number Of Items


Mounting Hardware

‎1 Unit of Monitor, 1 Unit of adapter & cable

Special Features

‎Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers



Response Time

‎5 Milliseconds

Hardware Interface


Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎18.6 x 54.1 x 41.5 cm, 3.2 Kilograms


Item Weight

‎3 kg 200 g

7 reviews for LG 23.8 inch (60.45 cm) Borderless LED Monitor – Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio in/Out Ports and in-Built Speakers – 24MP88HV (Silver/White)

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  1. Alen

    Hello, I bought this monitor mainly for programming and development…. So in this blog I will explain pros and cons about this monitor

    Pros –

    • stunning display, the colour accuracy and vibrance is very good , all colors pop up nicely watching content would never make it fade out… However the factory colour was not okay for me so I tweaked in my own way , the monitor gives you wide range features to customize color , for me as balance I kept in my own way

    •bezels are very thin and you feel like looking in an infinity display.. all content , gaming everything looks seamless and immersive without bezels… Keeping a good wallpaper make it look amazing

    This is the pros about this monitor , as it is a monitor main 2 things are display quality and colour


    •speaker sound is not very good as it is a monitor I am not putting down greeting as speakers are not primary factor, when speakers are put in high volume it sounds a bit wobbly. Speaker has good amount of sound but lacks in quality but it does the job.. LG could have just removed the speaker and put more features regarding the quality and quantity of the monitor itself..

    •the build quality of the monitor is not very good the stand feels shaky the monitors back is made of plastic since it is bezel less there is a high chance of damage as there is bezels to protected. the monitor shakes in slightest moments monitors and is very thin so you have to be very careful while using the monitor.

    •the HDMI cable given in the monitor is very bad quality the people often disconnects when movement occurs so as to replace it with the new HDMI cable you are planning to buy this make sure you have a separate HDMI cable but the LG stock cable is good and gets the job done but the connectivity always fluctuate if you have the moment in your computer and the cable..

    Overall the mountains echoed the display quality is very good the sound is adequate and gets the job done the HDMI cable could have been better but I had one so I didn’t bother other than that the display quality is good even though it’s 1080 p 24 inch the quality level axe and putting a 4K or 1080 p video I am using it for development and programming so visual studio code and everything seems right and the colour was also accurate enough it is a must be when compared to other monitors I bought it for 17000 which is not ideal for many people as a monitor was available for 13000 before but due to covid against the prices have increased to 18000 but since I have no time in waiting that much so I decided to spend 5,000 extra for this monitor even though it’s useless but overall if the price is less I am they give a better quality build quality then I guess this mountain is a good deal… Thank you

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  2. Sharath

    Good design and screen clarity is good.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Many monitors have yellow tint or yellow cast now a days but this monitor is different .After having checked around 12 monitors i had gone with this as the others had some sort of yellow tint issue or the color reproduction was pale and many of them were much more expensive than this one. This shows the quality of this panel at this price point.

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  4. Nikhil M.

    If perform a dead pixel test for this monitor, exactly at the black background you can see the colour vanishing from all corners. I bought in January and facing the issue in July.

    Not expected.

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  5. Akash Gaikwad

    Good product as per given price

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  6. sunil kukreti

    This has nice picture quality and good sound.happy with the purchase.
    Stand for the model could have been better as this model does not go down to make the screens lower edge sit directly on the table and since this is a big screen this makes it a bit difficult to look at the top edges from close unless sitting on a higher chair, all other things are ok for me.

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  7. Prince

    Excellent colour reproducing cinema television

    This is actually a TV not a monitor, watching videos and playing games in this is great due to the full range of colours (76% NTSC colour gamut when compared with usual 72%) and low response time. Photo and video editing can be easily done in this one. Concerning text contents, web pages viewing etc it is slightly straining to eyes as during browsing or viewing text content majority of screen will be white content which passes more light. This can be mitigated to a great extent by lighting the room well.

    This monitor require colour calibration, the default colour profile makes picture so dark and bright. After some trail and error and comparing with other displays got this following settings which gives almost accurate colour reproduction.

    Brightness: 13
    Contrast: 65
    Picture Mode: Custom
    Response Time: off

    Black Stabilizer: 50

    Sharpness: 50

    DFC: On
    Over scan: Off

    Gamma: .8 (Need to set this from external/internal graphics card settings page)

    Default Gamma of 1.0 gives low contrast ratio and picture looks cloudy but reducing to .8 gives almost perfect contrast and blacks and other colours and shades are brilliantly reproduced. The reason why many find IPS panels of low black levels is due to mainly this setting also the black stabilizer option in LG monitors make the situation worse. Using the above given settings will give almost accurate representation of picture and video content. Poster and magazine print like quality can be achieved.

    The different picture modes given in software and monitor interface is of no use as its so unsuitable. For example, reader mode or low blue light mode have high brightness which cannot be reduced. Same with other modes, only in custom mode we can alter the various settings and sadly only one custom mode is present. Also the screen split is same as scaling the different window sizes which can be done without it and also PIP mode is not working.

    Concerning inbuilt speakers its of average quality similar like TV, tablet, mobile speakers. But it can give very loud volumes due to 5w x 2 stereo speakers. Bass and treble is sufficient and can be felt clearly for music but when the audio content is of low quality it can create distortions like bubbling or drum sound effect which makes voice content hard to hear. To give an overall idea of speakers its sound similar like theatre, hall speakers with slightly less clarity for spoken audio. Anyway if you are planning to use inbuilt speakers then adjusting the Maxx Audio settings to following values will give almost clear sound quality. For most users inbuilt speakers is sufficient and can easily replace usual 2.0 speakers.

    Bass: 3
    Treble: 3
    Dialog: -3 (reducing to negative improves voice clarity)
    3D: 0

    Also it have audio line input port and using it can connect directly the computer sound card line output using 3.5mm male to male audio cable and thus able to use sound card’s audio equalizer to further enhance sound clarity if needed.

    Screen is of matte finish and no reflections of any kind and the other use is no mixture type small grains like that when trying to watch TV from close distance. Bezels are so thin and of matte type and thus no reflections. When viewing screen. thin bezel around it seem like black itself when viewing. The only area from where reflections might occur is from the curved portion of metallic silver stand (when external light sources are present near it) and that too very less due to the the matte type finish. Also the power button joystick and LED is placed underneath and LED switches off after some seconds thus no distractions at all. When standby the power white LED blanks and this cannot be turned off, this is another con but its common in all monitors.

    Concerning stand its not wobbling type and sturdy enough. The table should be sturdy and not wobbling type then the stand will also not wobble. Make sure the screws are tightened properly while fixing and also avoid touching the monitor needlessly for adjusting position as this can loosen the screws and create problems. If position need to be adjusted frequently then VESA mount option is available on back. Anyway with the provided stand its not safe to change position often.

    Due to the dual HDMI can easily connect one more device like settop box, gaming console and due to inbuilt speakers no need of external speaker too and can save lot of space and wiring too. Also there is option to auto detect thus switching between TV and monitor purpose is easy and quick.

    One con which I need to mention is some back light bleeding (yellowish tint) and IPS glow (whitish tint) is present at some regions on edges, It can vary from panel to panel but its not a big con as its present mainly on extreme edges mainly on top and bottom and these regions hardly we use. For example in most videos the top and bottom portion will be black region. Also even if the content is extended to full screen its effect can be seen on extreme edge points only (closer to bezel region). Anyway during normal use they are not visible and only seem to appear when the content is pure black ones like during booting screen.

    Overall an excellent monitor/TV, 5 stars!

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    LG 23.8 inch (60.45 cm) Borderless LED Monitor – Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio in/Out Ports and in-Built Speakers – 24MP88HV (Silver/White)
    LG 23.8 inch (60.45 cm) Borderless LED Monitor – Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio in/Out Ports and in-Built Speakers – 24MP88HV (Silver/White)


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